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Sporty features and stylish design

This smart, sleeveless design, the supple jersey made from various fibres is always showing off new features and their stylish cut makes this functional shirt a real all-rounder for your wardrobe. The sleeveless shirts available in the Keller Sports online shop are usually made from synthetic fibres or a combination of synthetic and natural fibres. These highly modern materials bare no resemblance to the polyester used in the early 1970s.

The right shirt for every situation

Supple, warming or cooling and optimum moisture management - every activity now has the corresponding equivalent in the form of sleeveless functional shirts. This not only applies to the sports section but also various different types of activity. A modern hiking top has different properties to a functional top designed for running.
As a base layer using the onion principle, sleeveless shirts are particularly suitable for wear with wide sleeve and neck cuts with perforated materials in various zones. They are highly breathable and transport moisture away from the body. Some functional shirts contain high-quality merino wool for extra comfort.
One thing all sleeveless shirts have in common is their "exposed shoulder". They are available in various styles but always offer great freedom of movement and provide airy comfort particularly on hot days.

Which shirt for which type of sport?

It's difficult to believe how much the characteristics of high-quality sleeveless shirts can vary and how precisely tailored they are to different types of sport. Hikers, runners and all athletes who sweat quickly require breathable functional shirts that quickly transport moisture away from the body.
Functional tank top for outdoor fitness and climbing has two tasks. As a typical item of sportswear it should be breathable but also protect and emphasis your body. Such sleeveless shirts are tight-fitting and contain at least 5 percent elastane. Climbing shirts need to be highly durable and tear-resistant.
Sports such as mountaineering, climbing and cycling often require compression shirts. They not only mould to your figure. These high-quality shirts maintain their shape and ensure a healthy back. The fibres strengthen and protect you, promoting blood flow to the muscles. All of this leads to better performance and less muscle cramp.
The requirements of a good hiking shirt are also very high. Thanks to special technology, sleeveless shirts are moisture-regulating and particularly fast-drying for when ascents get strenuous. They also need to be light to avoid too much added weight in your backpack. Many models are also dirt-repellent and feature UV protection. Hiking shirts are generally made from either polyester or a combination of lyocell and shaping elastane.

The advantages and disadvantages of outdoor sleeveless shirts

Can't you do sport in just a normal t-shirt? Of course, it's not necessarily about looking good and everyone has old shirts in their cupboard. Beginner athletes in particular are of this opinion but once you've tried a high-quality, sleeveless functional shirt you won't want to be without one!


  • breathable
  • moisture-regulating
  • water-resistant
  • light and supple
  • temperature-regulating
  • fast-drying


  • Sleeveless shirts don't protect shoulders from the sun

The all-rounder for every situation

Functional and stylish shirts not only look great: you'll feel comfortable, sweat less and can still smell good even after several days' hiking. High-quality functional underwear is also durable and doesn't lose its shape nor its functionality after regular washing: a whole host of good reasons to discover the sleeveless shirts in the Keller Sports online shop.


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