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Outdoor shirts: The biggest advantages

Just putting on your normal t-shirt when hiking or touring through nature is at least a bad option, but actually not an option. Because cotton fits into everyday life, but much less into sports. If you sweat, it absorbs, the shirt puts on weight and is uncomfortable to wear. You feel a heavy, wet shirt directly on your body and start to freeze when the wind suddenly comes. Cotton apparel is not robust either. Thanks to special functional fibres, outdoor shirts, on the other hand, actively conduct moisture outwards and do not absorb it. The wearing comfort remains pleasant. Both in heat and in a refreshing wind. The shirts are light, breathable and pleasantly compact. So in case of an emergency you can easily pack another one in your rucksack.

Outdoor shirts: Which materials are there?

Functional fibres give shirts for outdoor sports their special properties. These are often polyester or nylon. Both fibres dry quickly, are light and do not crease. The addition of elastane creates a stretch effect, which makes the shirt adapt to your movements. Some models also have a waterproof membrane. Outdoor shirts for colder days are either completely made of merino or have reinforcements made of insulating, quick-drying and anti-odour sheep's wool.

What characteristics does an outdoor shirt have?

You tailor your outdoor shirt completely to the conditions of your hike and your needs and preferences. You will find the right shirt for every temperature, every sensation of temperature, every weather condition - also in our outdoor shop:

  • Long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves: Depending on the season and your own (temperature) needs, you choose the cut. Short. Long. Completely sleeveless. Outdoor shirts are available in every design.
  • With/without bag(s): Especially for shorter tours in midsummer, the luggage should be as compact as possible. In outdoor shirts with pockets you carry the most important things - smartphone, money, energy bars - directly on your body and fill your small backpack only with provisions.
  • With no collar/zipper: High collars can lead to heat accumulation. Outdoor shirts therefore usually have round collars, some also have a zipper. You can open it if it gets too hot and thus provide additional air circulation.
  • Breathability: Heat should not accumulate between the fibres and body. Premium outdoor shirts are therefore breathable and provide an effective heat-air exchange.
  • Moisture transport: Where cotton absorbs sweat, functional shirts first warm up. They actively conduct moisture away from the body. The result: a well-regulated body temperature.
  • Thermal outdoor shirts: The thin running shirt protects you against cold rather less. Thermo models therefore have wool or thermal inserts which provide additional warmth without impairing air circulation and moisture transport.
  • Warming materials: Merino wool in particular serves as an additional warming material for many outdoor shirts. This is made possible by the optimal mix of function and odour neutrality.

How should an outdoor shirt fit?

If you put on an outdoor shirt with elastane, it naturally fits a little tighter and supports the movements of your upper body. Compression shirts, which are also easy on the muscles, are even cut skintight. Models without stretch are not quite as tight, but still not too loose. They should not flutter, but at the same time they should not disturb your freedom of movement.

The best outdoor shirt for every season

Heat. Cold. Impermanence. Every season has its own characteristics and thus sets its own conditions for the right outdoor shirt:

Outdoor shirts for the winter

Of course you don't want to freeze from the beginning of your hike. Therefore the outdoor shirt only serves as one of several layers - the onion principle is the keyword here. They should be long-sleeved and made of thermo or merino material, while still ensuring moisture exchange and air circulation.

Outdoor shirts for the summer

Breathable. Dries quickly. Summer demands light outdoor shirts. Whether you wear short sleeves or no sleeves at all is decided by your personal preferences and perhaps the intensity of the expected sunlight.

Outdoor shirts for the transition period

Breathability, moisture exchange and function are essential in the transition period. Thermal or merion inserts in the functional shirt provide additional warmth in case of doubt without making you sweat unnecessarily.

How (often) do you wash outdoor shirts?

To prevent odour, you should actually wash outdoor shirts after every tour. If you are on the road for several days, simply use the hand wash, otherwise use the washing machine. You should pay attention to the manufacturer's temperature information on the label on the one hand and a suitable detergent on the other. In order to protect membranes and microfibres while retaining all functions, you should at least use liquid detergent, ideally a special detergent for functional clothing. Powder is not an option. You should also reduce spinning to a minimum. In addition, turn your outdoor shirt inside out for the drum and do not fill the machine too intensively. To dry it, simply hang it up in the fresh air.

Outdoor shirts at Keller Sports

Only quality guarantees the necessary function. That's why Keller Sports offers you more than just outdoor shirts for men and women. You can also choose your favourite from the best brands in the business. The North Face is as much a part of our premium outdoor range as adidas Terrex, Fjällräven or Haglöfs. You can also find shirts from Salomon, Schöffel or Peak Performance and order all outdoor products online. Maybe even at a special price, because our Outdoor Sale regularly delivers attractive offers.



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