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Skirts and dresses: clothing for all scenarios

An outdoor winter skirt, a hiking skirt with inner shorts for autumn or a ladies' trekking skirt for summer: these items of clothing have two enormous advantages over typically favoured trousers. Thanks to their open, airy design the body stays cool even on hot days. In cooler temperatures a thermal skirt functions as an additional layer of clothing. Skirts and dresses also offer maximum freedom of movement and take up very little room inside a backpack.

For whom are functional skirts and trekking dresses suitable?

Trekking dresses and hiking skirts do not necessarily form an essential part of your basic gear. However, if you are spending hours outdoors then you should consider purchasing these items. Well-fitting skirts and dresses provide excellent comfort on long routes, not forgetting freedom of leg movement. Unlike trousers, there is no chafing or nipping, and elasticated materials ensure that skirts feel like a second skin. Models ranging from mid-thigh to above the knee are recommended for outdoor use, ensuring your movements are never restricted. Certain clothes also feature an integrated, adjustable bra to provide additional support when doing sport. You'll also get nice, tanned legs while out exploring in the sunshine.

Outdoor summer and winter skirts

What clothes are better than skirts and dresses for warm, summer days? In summer, the fibres should not absorb any sweat so ensure that your hiking dress or skirt for women is made from a moisture-regulating material. Fast-drying, odour-neutral materials are also advantageous since you're more likely to sweat in warmer temperatures and on steep climbs.
In winter you can wear a thermal or down skirt over the top of functional trousers, leggings or thermal trousers. Winter skirts are normally lined or made from a heat-insulating material. Down skirts or primaloft skirts mae from a synthetic fibre similar to down are particularly popular for cold days. A skirt with wind protection is ideal for high-altitude tours and expeditions; we recommend windproof materials and close-fitting models made from elasticated, high-quality materials that retain your body heat.

The advantages and disadvantages of skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses made from high-quality functional materials have once again become popular for long hiking and discovery tours. Perhaps trousers can stay in the closet?


  • excellent freedom of movement for legs
  • breathable and elasticated
  • low in weight
  • small packing volume


  • zips can create pressure points
  • more suitable for flat terrain and not for climbing

Live your femininity: Outdoor skirts and dresses

A few years ago, no women with sporting ambitions would have swapped their comfortable, functional trousers for a skirt. However, the advantages of these clothes are persuading an increasing number of women to add outdoor skirts and dresses to their wardrobe. In many situations a skirt or dress is not only helpful but is also much more comfortable than trousers. It keeps you warm in cold weather, cools you when it's warm, provides rain protection and acts as a cushion when seated. Get excited for your new functional skirt and trekking dress from the Keller Sports online shop and be amazed by their features.



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