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Sporty but stylish: women's pullovers

Our women's pullovers are sporty tops that will accompany you on every run, trek or cycling tour. A wide range of designs and materials is available. Every material has different benefits that will allow you to find the perfect pullover for your sport. Think about whether you need a breathable fleece to work up a sweat or whether you prefer a woolly jumper to keep you warm in the snow and ice. Whatever you choose: our pullovers are sure to appeal to you thanks to their top quality and trendy designs.

What material is best for each sport?

With an outdoor pullover you can train in any weather conditions. The models in our shop unite a high level of comfort with effective protection against the cold and a flattering, feminine shape. One of the most popular materials is fleece. Thanks to its insulating nature, a fleece pullover will not only protect you from the cold, but is also breathable. Any moisture arising during your sporting activity is absorbed by the fleece and quickly drawn to the outside. This stops your body from cooling down too quickly when you perspire. This means that you can even wear a micro fleece pullover on longer treks or demanding hikes.
This fabric feels cuddly and soft on your skin. In a sporty ladies' fleece pullover you can enjoy great comfort. They are best suited for wear under a jacket, as a middle layer. Our microfleece pullovers for women dry quickly and are extremely tough. These all-rounders can easily withstand your intensive training sessions and lengthy trekking tours, and are easy to clean and lightweight. This makes these functional pullovers a perfect part of your travel luggage.

Women's pullovers for winter outdoor activities.

The wind is always blowing in the mountains and on the coast, so for such tours, why not indulge in a windproof functional pullover? Bringing together all of the functions that make it the perfect top for your outfit. The classic onion principle is often based on a tight base layer of thermal underwear. This is followed by another layer that insulates heat, whilst the outer layer keeps the wind and rain at bay. If you're doing sport in the open air, our outdoor pullovers are your ideal companion.

Shapes, cuts and other special features

For the perfect fit, many of our models have thumb holes. This detail stops your sleeves from riding up, for example, when climbing. A hood offers you additional protection from the cold and wind. This can be removed from a lot of our women's pullovers when not needed thanks to a zip or Velcro fastening. The different shapes and cuts not only influence the appearance of the garments but should be suited to your chosen sport. For example, a tight-fitting pullover made of light, highly breathable fabric is recommended for jogging. In contrast, winter sports demand a looser model so that you can wear thermal underwear. You might need pockets to keep a timer, MP3 player or other equipment in. Zip pockets mean that nothing gets lost, even during more vigorous activity.

What are the pros and cons of women's pullovers for outdoor sport?

At Keller Sports you can find the right model for every kind of sport. The best thing is to choose an outdoor pullover that you can combine with suitable functional clothing depending on the weather.


  • different materials for every use
  • also suitable for everyday wear
  • heat-insulating, partially windproof
  • a perfect fit when running and climbing
  • optimum mid layer
  • mostly breathable


  • not waterproof

Women's pullovers: the all-rounders for outdoor use

Our outdoor pullovers for women are the perfect complement when you like to keep yourself active. Our micro fleece tops especially score points due to their breathability, low maintenance and insulating properties when compared to cotton. Following the onion layer principle, you won't get cold in the snow. Keller Sports will equip you with the perfect functional pullover or sporty woolly jumper for everyday use.



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