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Clothing with a multiple purpose

Sports activities should be fun, produce top performance and help you test your limits. This would be quite irritating if your attention was diverted towards your legwear instead. Our long sports trousers take care of this for you. They not only guarantee a comfortable temperature for your lower limbs but also provide safety and support in the event of falls or challenging conditions.

Find your perfect pair of long walking trousers at Keller Sports

The choice of long trousers for outdoor use is huge. That's why you should first consider what your new trousers will be used for. You'll find a variety of models for different athletic purposes in our online shop. For your next long trek you are best off choosing long walking trousers made from durable materials. Our trekking and touring trousers are characterised by their durability and flexibility. They also have handy features such as side and leg pockets and zip-off functions. Heat-regulating stretch fleece trousers are perfect for teaming with ski trousers. Bring style to the slopes in comfortable softshell trousers with a whole host of useful features. Stretchy leggings are a great choice for hiking tours.

Innovative technology for maximum sporting performance

Leg protection is one of the most important aspects of long outdoor trousers. This includes protection from weather conditions as well as excessive strain or falls. Thanks to valuable new technology, these long trousers guarantee maximum safety and comfort for their wearer. High-altitude touring trousers are perfectly designed for long ski or hiking tours. Thanks to their unique combination of stretchy fabric and a special coating, they provide reliable warmth while ensuring the desired freedom of movement. Lightweight softshell trousers with a new, hybrid design. They are highly elastic, 100% breathable as well as wind and water-resistant, making these modern outdoor trousers a real must-have. Durable and water-resistant dungarees are suitable for extreme use under particularly demanding external influences. Made from modern shell fabric, they provide reliable protection in all adverse weather conditions.

Materials for maximum performance and comfort

The formula for success when creating the perfect outdoor trousers is quite simple: a combination of materials that integrate all the positive characteristics for their required area of use. Cutting-edge technology is also added into the mix. All of this combined achieves a trendy look. The material used plays a key role. Cotton and fleece take care of heat-regulation and retention. Elastic materials ensure freedom of movement. Additives such as silicone help fend off rain and wind.

The advantages and disadvantages of long outdoor trousers

Although the advantages of long-legged hiking and trekking trousers far outweigh the disadvantages, there are still a few drawbacks to consider when choosing your new outdoor trousers.


  • protection from weather influences, falls and heavy use
  • wide range of materials perfectly tailored to each activity
  • practical and functional features
  • suitable for many areas of use


  • more limited movement compared to shorter outdoor trousers
  • somewhat less practical in warmer weather conditions

Long outdoor trousers: comfort, practicality and style on two legs

Long trousers are easy to sum up: these comfortable all-rounders are perfect for every sport with a model for everyone and perfectly compatible features. No compromises are made when it comes to style either. See for yourself and find your long outdoor trousers at Keller Sports today!


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