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The biggest advantages of outdoor pants

Jeans don't fit in the mountains. They chafe, quickly soak up moisture and stay moist for a long time afterwards. Outdoor trousers are therefore made of quick-drying functional materials that are also light, robust and breathable. Some of them also have a proportion of elastic materials that make your movements easier. Even waterproof membranes are incorporated into some outdoor pants. There are also models that explicitly protect against the cold.

What types of outdoor pants are there?

You don't need heat accumulation on your calves in summer, nor do you need icy wind on your shins in winter. Outdoor pants are therefore available in different lengths:

  • Outdoor shorts are especially suitable for warmer days. Calves and knees are exposed. This gives you enough freedom of movement on the one hand, and on the other hand your legs get cool air.
  • Three-quarter outdoor pants: The mixed form. Not completely long, not really short either. Three-quarter-long trousers reach well over the knees, but leave some space between the hiking boots or socks and waistband.
  • Long outdoor pants: If the temperature drops, you should avoid naked skin, especially in the mountains. Long outdoor pants therefore reach over the ankles. As a special form there are ziphoses which you can change from shorts to long pants within a short time - and vice versa, of course.

Outdoor trousers: What materials are there?

Not only the length, but also different materials equip highly functional outdoor pants for different conditions. You can find waterproof as well as warming and environmentally friendly models in our outdoor shop:

  • Plastic-free versions: Besides wool and leather, only viscose, modal or lyocell are truly natural textiles. More common are therefore outdoor trousers made of recycled polyester or mixed forms. So you can be out in nature and at the same time do something for the environment.
  • Merino: Sheep's wool offers all the functional properties such as moisture transport and quick drying, while at the same time keeping you warm. Merino also prevents the formation of odours - a pleasant side effect.
  • Gore-Tex: Windproof, water repellent, yet breathable. The Gore-Tex membrane is also suitable for outdoor trousers. Especially for hardshell models that you slip over when the weather suddenly changes for the worse.
  • Futurelight: Water-repellent meets air-permeable. The North Face also has its own high-tech membrane for outdoor use. Futurelight uses a nanofibre structure that protects you from moisture, but at the same time doesn't let you sweat.
  • G-1000: Cotton for outdoor pants. Fjällräven makes it possible. G-1000 is made of polyester on the one hand and cotton on the other hand. It also has a coating of Greenland Wax. This makes the trousers water-repellent. The material also protects against UV rays and mosquito bites.
  • Softshell is the umbrella term for soft, very dense fibres that are elastic and smooth. Outdoor pants are available either with or without membrane. Schöller offers variant number two with its dryskin technology. Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper and Polartec Powershield again rely on a membrane.Outdoorhose?

What are the characteristics of outdoor trousers?

Optimum functionality, plus practical features and the right cut. Your outdoor trousers can be tailored exactly to your wishes, preferences and preferred hiking conditions:

  • The pockets: Like every other variation, outdoor trousers usually have pockets in the back and in the front. There you can store your wallet and smartphone. Additional options are cargo trousers with extra pockets on the left and right at thigh height.
  • Zipper and elastic band: The zipper quickly transforms your long outdoor pants into outdoor shorts, equipping you for every change in temperature. Another option is the elastic at the bottom of the waistband. So you simply slide the pants up and fix them over the calves with one pull.
  • Breathability: Not only the upper body needs air circulation. The climate around the legs also determines how pleasant your outing into nature will be. Breathable outdoor pants prevent air from getting trapped under the fabric.
  • Moisture transport: When moisture and fabric meet, an adhesive effect quickly develops. Also on the legs. Moisture-transporting outdoor pants prevent exactly that. The material does not simply soak up the moisture and does not stick to the skin unpleasantly.
  • Thermal outdoor pants: If the temperature drops, normal materials are no longer necessarily sufficient. Thermo outdoor pants therefore have an insulating effect, while at the same time ensuring effective moisture transport.
  • Reflectors: Especially when you go out into nature on short days or when you get on your bike at dusk, it helps if you stay visible. Reflectors help with this.
  • Water/windproof: Membranes such as Gore-Tex make outdoor trousers waterproof and windproof. So you protect yourself against the elements.
  • Inner mesh or inner pants: To reduce the pressure of the saddle, you may need some padding on your bike. At the same time, you don't want to go into the mountains just with tight cycling shorts. Shorts with padded inner pants are the solution. There are also outdoor shorts with an inner net that improves air circulation.
  • Durability: You don't want to worry about your pants just because you get stuck on a rock or branch. That's why models for the outdoors are always made more robust. Polyamide and ripstop are considered particularly hard-wearing.

How must outdoor pants fit?

Not too tight, not too loose. Your outdoor pants should not slip, but at the same time allow you enough room to move without rubbing. Long trousers reach to the ankle or slightly beyond. There are also models with pre-shaped knees that adapt slightly to the shape of the legs. Basically, you prevent the pants from rubbing anywhere and leaving unpleasant chafing marks on longer trips. For example, if you wear functional underpants under the outdoor trousers, make sure there is enough room.

The best outdoor pants for every season

Summer. Winter. The transition. Different conditions, different outdoor pants. You will find the right pants for every season in our outdoor shop.

Outdoor pants for the winter

If you are going out into nature even in snow and ice - or just before - you should use trousers with thermal reinforcement that will effectively keep you warm. They should also have a membrane against wind and wetness. Long trouser legs are of course a must.

Outdoor pants for the summer

The material may be thinner and must be breathable. The moisture transport to the outside must also be right. Shorts are of course an option, as are ziphoses, which you can quickly convert into long trousers when the afternoon breeze blows.

Outdoor pants for the transition period

Variability is decisive. Zip models are therefore particularly suitable for the transition period. The outdoor trousers should be breathable, but not too thin. Warm softshell versions with a breathable membrane are particularly suitable.

How (often) do you wash outdoor pants?

With superficial, light dirt you can shake the trousers out intensively at first. This is often enough. Mud, on the other hand, should be left to dry first and then brushed off. However, you should still machine wash your outdoor trousers regularly unless the label says otherwise, of course. Basically, the laundry dissolves dirt particles that could impair the functional properties. Always use liquid detergents, or in the case of membranes, possibly a special functional detergent. Powder, like fabric softener, is not an option. Also make sure to keep the spinning speed as low as possible.

Outdoor pants at Keller Sports

Quality knows many names. The North Face. adidas Terrex. Fjällräven. At Keller Sports you will find the best brands of outdoor pants online, including Haglöfs, Peak Performance, Salomon, Schöffel and many more premium brands. For both women and men. You can order online in our Keller Sports Shop and regularly find particularly attractive outdoor pants offers in the outdoor sale.



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