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Equipped for all weather: Ladies' accessories

First of all, it's important that your sports accessories are made from a breathable, moisture-regulating material. These include blended materials made from specially chosen synthetic fibres. High-quality natural fibres such as merino wool or silk are more commonly being used. They are highly breathable and feel good against the skin.
Many sports accessories include a large amount of stretchy material to prevent headbands from rubbing on adrenaline-fuelled downhill mountain bike runs and to keep wrist-warmers in place during a game of curling. Modern sports accessories also feature flat stitching for added comfort. They are extremely elasticated due to innovative bonding technology.

Which sports accessories do I need?

The accessories you'll need naturally depend on the time of year. The most important winter sports accessories include hats or headbands, wrist-warmers, gloves and scarves. In summer it is imporant to protect your skin and eyes from the sun. That's why good summer sports accessories include UV protection.

What should I consider when choosing ladies' accessories?

Ensure that winter hats or headbands are neither too thick, nor too thin. It is generally advisable to own at least two different types of headwear for colder times of year. This is because you lose most of your body heat via your head. That's why it is important to cover your head even in mild weather.
If you are out cycling in freezing winds and don't let the colder temperatures put you off running then you'll be grateful for a pair of gloves or wristwarmers. Wristwarmers and gloves include a certain amount of elastane or stretchy material to prevent rubbing. Remember that the joints in particular are sensitive to cold during outdoor winter sports. A little tip: buy your wristwarmers in the next size up - that way you can cover your elbows too.

Advantages and disadvantages of ladies' sports accessories

You could of course use a normal hat and gloves to go running or skiing in. This is not recommended though. You'll discover why that is below with the pros and cons of accessories for ladies.


  • breathable
  • moisture-regulating and waterproof
  • often windproof
  • thermal-regulating
  • light and soft to the touch
  • dirt-resistant
  • often feature reflective details


  • not always snowproof or waterproof
  • yet another item in your wardrobe

For outdoor weather

With the rightladies' sports accessories you'll be able to enjoy your sport all-year-round regardless of whether it is cold or sunny. You can protect your skin from UV radiation, your ears from the cold and warm your joints to ensure maximum performance. You'll find the right accessories for your requirements in our online shop. Simply take a look.


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