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The outside world is as varied as your sports activities. One day you'll be jogging on the tarmac in the scorching heat, another you'll be wading through deep snow down the hillside. In any case you need the right sports clothing. In our online shop you will find the perfect accessories to protect you from the cold and wet and for every kind of sport.

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Ready for anything with our sports accessories

Anyone who doesn't want to just crawl under the duvet in the winter months, needs a few important winter accessories. These especially include head coverings, as you lose proportionally more heat from your head. You can choose between headbands and hats. What you decide on is not only a matter of taste. There are some parameters that speak for headbands or hats.

What sports accessories do you need?

The rule of thumb states; no hair - no headband. Those who don't usually have much hair on top, should opt for a full head cover in winter. This also applies to those who have very short or fine hair. If, on the other hand, you have thick hair, you can opt for a practical, warming headband. If you have sensitive ears, even with thick hair you should go for a hat. Hats put less pressure on your ears than a headband.
Just as important in the winter months are arm warmers, gloves and scarves. For sporting activities, neck warmers may be the best choice. They snuggle up against your neck and don't unravel when you're moving fast.
Whereas in winter you need to protect yourself from the wind and cold, summer accessories are designed to protect you from the sun and UV rays. Among the most important companions on hot summer's days are light hats or baseball caps. They not only protect your eyes from the sun, but also cover the sensitive skin on your head, shielding it from the sun's rays. Many cycle helmets have air vents. Through them the sun can reach the skin on your head. So, in bright sunshine, it is advisable to wear a thin hat or headscarf under your helmet.

Sports accessories for all year round - what needs to be taken into account?

Functional sport clothes should be breathable, have a comfortable fit and not restrict your movements. This also applies to the accessories for your outdoor clothing. Particularly for running, accessories should keep you warm, but also be breathable and regulate moisture.
The best materials are therefore synthetic fibres like polyester or polyamide. These fabrics regulate moisture and are light and breathable. For greater comfort, hats and gloves are often made without seams from high-quality synthetic fibres.
Would you like to protect yourself from the wind and rain, as well as the cold? Then sports accessories made of softshell are ideal for you. The material is made up of several layers and is both windproof and water repellent. Precisely due to these properties, gloves are often made from softshell.
If you are looking to buy accessories for the summer, it is recommendable to bear in mind that your sun hat, scarf or other accessories need to protect you from damaging UV rays. This will allow you to spend hours and hours outdoors without having to worry.
In addition to primary tasks such as protecting you from the cold or sun, many sports accessories are also equipped with reflective panels. These help you be clearly visible when running, cycling or cross country skiing as the sun goes down. This is a safety aspect that you shouldn't dismiss.

Pros and cons of sports accessories

Why should you buy hats, scarves and gloves made of functional material and not use your everyday accessories when doing sport? In the summary below you will see what difference the functional accessories at Keller Sports make.


  • light and soft to the touch
  • breathable
  • dirt-resistant
  • water-resistant
  • moisture-regulating
  • often windproof
  • often equipped with reflective panels


  • not always snowproof or waterproof

Safety and weather protection through sports accessories

The right accessories make doing sport outside easier and safer. Whether you want to protect yourself from the cold or the scorching sun, with the right accessories from our online shop you will be well kitted out for all weather conditions.