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Outdoor jackets

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Anyone wanting to spend hours or even days outdoors in ice, rain, wind or snow needs a particularly durable jacket. That's why the Keller Sports online shop offers a wide range of outdoor jackets for maximum outdoor fun. Our best outdoor jackets will keep you warm and dry in all weather - and not just for a limited period!

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Jackets: a companion you can always rely on

A good outdoor jacket will have your back even in freezing temperatures with waterproof and windproof properties, keeping you warm and preventing excessive sweating. In order for you to enjoy maximum comfort most jackets feature breathable and fast-drying, high-tech materials. These sporty looking garments are also visually appealing and many designs are great for everyday and casual wear. Quality shouldn't cost the earth. Here you'll find premium products at affordable prices.

A jacket is not just a jacket

We offer a wide range of jackets for quality-conscious outdoor enthusiasts. But which features do different designs include? Functional jackets are often designed for use all-year-round thanks to their climate-regulating properties, offering ultimate comfort in both spring and autumn. They consist of an inner and outer layer.
Insulating fleece jackets are not waterproof and so are good for wearing underneath another layer or in dry weather conditions. A hardshell model is ideal worn over the top of a fleece jacket to provide a water-resistant and windproof outer layer as part of the onion principle.
Although hardshell jackets are durable they only keep you warm to a certain degree in icy winds and freezing temperatures. Softshell models on the other hand are versatile and often have a water-resistant membrane. These jackets are breathable and very warm thanks to their soft inner lining.
For those not on a budget when it comes to outdoor jackets should consider down jackets. These jackets made from duck and goose down provide optimum insulation and keep you very wram. However, since they only insulate - rather than regulate - temperature down jackets are only recommended for cold weather conditions.

Special materials for special demands

Outdoor jackets need to meet various criteria So how do they achieve this? It's a unique combination of materials that makes outdoor jackets such an impressive item of clothing. The best outdoor jackets are made from special high-tech fibres. They transport moisture away from the body without affecting the skin's breathability and fend off water from outside.

Added comfort

The design as well as the materials used provide maximum comfort. That's why outdoor jackets have handy pockets with and without zips, whereby valuables can be safely stored in the zip-up pockets. Detachable inner jackets allow you to react quickly to changing weather conditions. Hoods are practical in rain and wind which can also be attached and detached using a zip or poppers. If you don't need a hood you can simply leave it at home.

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor jackets

Comfort, quality and protection from the elements: depending on the model, these jackets have positive characteristics predestined for outdoor use.


  • breathable
  • skin-friendly fabric quality
  • handy features
  • windproof
  • waterproof or water-resistant
  • temperature-regulating
  • insulating
  • moisture-regulating


  • different type of jacket required for different sports

Enjoy your time outdoors with the right jacket

Plan long trips without any worries and enjoy them to the max with an outdoor functional jacket from our Keller Sports online shop. Combat rain, wind and cold and even enjoy maximum comfort in the snow. Browse our wide range today and find your new favourite model.