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Practical and comfortable for a chilly day

A women's sports hoodie is practically the same as a conventional sweater. However, a hoodie has a practical hood. Hoodie is the slang term for a sweater with a hood. So it's quite clear how the name came about. Hoodies first made an appearance as a fashion accessory for women in the 1970s. To begin with, they were mostly used for sport, until with the passing of time they took over the streets and also made their début as work and leisure wear. They're not just so popular because they look sporty, but above all because they are so comfortable. A women's outdoor hoodie is soft to the touch and generally loose-fitting.

Women's hoodies at Keller Sports

You will see that not all hoodies are the same when you browse the range at Keller Sports. Here you can find a large selection of sports hoodies. Some of them you simply pull over your head. Other have a practical zip and are similar to a jacket. They are also available in a wide range of colours and designs. What all the models have in common is a sporty appearance and a comfortable fit that moves with you. Most outdoor hoodies have a high collar that protects your neck from cold draughts. Cuffs on the arms and around the bottom provide increased comfort on chilly days. A fleece hoodie, especially, will keep you nice and warm.

What material are sporty hoodies made from?

Hoodies are available in different quality materials. Choosing the garment that is right for you depends on what you want to use it for. A sports hoodie is made of breathable material that absorbs moisture when you work up a sweat. This kind of hoodie will also keep you dry for quite a while even during a more demanding workout. Many sports models are made of skin-friendly cotton. Now outdoor hoodies are also made from innovative functional materials. These consist of climate-regulating microfibres or synthetic fibres like elastane and polyester and offer you the advantage of being particularly light and quick drying. Most athletes opt for these models, whilst a conventional hoodie will keep you nice and warm as you go about your leisure activities.

What's the big deal with outdoor hoodies?

Many women's outdoor and sports hoodies have additional fine details. These include practical pockets on the side or front. So-called kangaroo pockets not only serve as a place to keep your purse, but they also keep your hands nice and warm. Cords on the hood allow you to adjust the hood to fit perfectly. Many fleece hoodies, as well as models made from other materials, have a rough, insulating interior. This gives your skin a feeling of wellbeing even in cooler temperatures.

Pros and cons of women's hoodies

Should I buy a women's hoodie or not? This question is relatively easy to answer. The pros of a sports hoodie outweigh the cons, particularly when training on cold days.


  • gentle on skin
  • breathable
  • practical hood
  • versatile


  • hood gets in the way in some sporting activities
  • material not normally water or windproof

Women's sports hoodies - your practical outdoor companion

With an outdoor hoodie you will have an extremely versatile garment in your wardrobe. Soft and cuddly, your hoodie will go wherever you go, without restricting your movements. When training outdoors you always have a practical hood with you. Breathable and temperature regulating, the sweater or fleece hoodie made from cotton or high-quality functional fibres will win you over with its high level of comfort. Have a look at the selection available at Keller Sports and pick your favourite!



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