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Not every hiker is a professional athlete and crosses the Alps on foot or hikes the Icelandic highlands at turbo speed. Even the more than 200 kilometres of the Rheinsteig in one piece can only be done by sports hikers like Thorsten Hoyer. He can tell you a painful story about unsuitable hiking socks. Even people like you and me, who only occasionally go for a longer walk, are familiar with blisters and chafed toes and ankles. Socks and stockings are not always responsible. Even the excellent properties of the best hiking socks can be undermined by the wrong footwear. So what should hikers, runners and outdoor athletes look for when buying hiking socks? Tip: You won't find the best hiking socks in supermarkets, but in specialist shops. Keller Sports offers a wide range of hiking socks for both summer and winter.


Hiking socks and stockings are not subject to any fashion dictates. The different colours of the sub-sections may look chic, but they serve functional purposes. In winter, outdoor socks are meant to keep feet warm. In summer, on the other hand, sweaty and overheated feet are quickly the end of the road. That's why sock manufacturers are experimenting with high-tech materials that are supposed to make socks true all-rounders when it comes to foot health. In terms of textiles, hiking socks really are all-rounders. They support the foot from the sole to the ankle with differently shaped areas, cushion the step with padded soles, compensate for unevenness and keep the foot as dry as possible. Blisters occur when fabric folds and seams rub against damp skin. That's why good hiking socks fit snugly, are seamless and breathable. However, excess moisture can only escape if the hiking boots are also breathable. People who are prone to foot perspiration should pay particular attention to suitable footwear and good socks.


Hiking socks for men and women are cut higher than normal leisure socks. Reinforced cuffs provide additional padding in the ankle area up to the lower calves and thus prevent rubbing against the shafts of hiking boots. A high wool content of up to 50 percent ensures good thermal properties. Merino wool is the preferred material for hiking socks with wool. There are also other socks that use yarns without animal components. Microfibre components are responsible for conductivity and temperature balance. Hiking socks for summer require a particularly sophisticated material composition so that the feet do not overheat during long hikes. For the colder seasons, double-layered socks have proven themselves well.


On long hikes, registered socks should prevent blisters from forming. Freshly washed and brand-new socks, on the other hand, promote blister formation. By the way, on hikes lasting several days, the drying times of the socks are important. The better the hiking socks dry overnight, the lower the risk of blisters forming. Hiking socks for women differ in shape and padding from those for men and are specially designed for narrower women's feet. When buying socks, please make sure you get the right size, which is based on your shoe size. Hiking socks are anatomically precise, so a left sock will not fit on a right foot. With the socks from our online shop, a strenuous hike is even more fun.



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