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Kind to your skin - intelligent functional underwear

Functional underwear is one of the most important items of clothing for a fan of the outdoors. It is your second skin and you can find suitable options for all weather conditions. Regardless what sports you like. Women's functional underwear provides your body with the optimum conditions when running, walking, skiing, cycling or training in the gym. It is an important component of your individual clothing concept. Depending on the time of year and how you feel, you can choose from fashionable long-sleeved tops, short-sleeved shirts or functional knickers.

What does functional underwear do?

Modern functional underwear for women is now designed differently from how it was years ago. The rapid removal of sweat is no longer the focal point. If sweat is eliminated too quickly, the body's cooling function is affected. This is like a ping pong effect. Through the rapid removal of sweat, the pores open and sweat production increases. The ensuing loss of fluids can lead to overheating.
Sweating is an important bodily function. When you perspire, your body's air conditioning system is activated and cools your body down. But if the moisture can't be drawn away, you end up with a clingy, wet top. This often leads to a feeling of discomfort and can even make you feel cold in cooler outdoor temperatures.
The new generation of functional underwear for women is a product that is good at multitasking. It cools you down when you work up a sweat and warms you up when the temperature drops. But the full effect of functional underwear can only be seen if it is tight-fitting.

What material is women's functional underwear made of?

You can choose from different value-for-money underwear for all kinds of outdoor activities in summer or winter or in between. This type of underwear is normally made from a combination of materials. Each fibre has special properties that can only be turned into high-quality functional underwear when combined with other materials.
Polyamide is a thermoplastic resin. The material boasts a high resistance to wear and tear and so is extremely suitable for sports clothing. Polyester belongs to the group of polymers and is above all known as synthetic microfibre in the clothing industry. This synthetic fibre is durable and easy to maintain. Lyocell is also an industrially processed fibre made from cellulose. It has both a high dry and wet strength and absorbs moisture perfectly.
Elastane too is a man-made fibre and is always processed together with other materials like polyester, polyamide, viscose or cotton. Elastane makes every material combination stretchy and so allows garments to retain their shape.
Merino wool is a natural fibre with insulating properties and at the same time breathable. It cools you down in summer and warms you up in winter. Merino wool will protect you from UV rays and allows dirt to roll off. The fibres absorb up to 35% of their own weight in moisture and draw it away from your skin.

Pros and cons of functional underwear

Functional underwear for women is the perfect base layer for your outdoor sports clothes. Depending on the material, you can wear it in summer or winter. In the Keller Sports online shop you will find the right functional underwear for you:


  • optimum moisture regulation
  • highly breathable
  • odour-neutralising
  • soft to the touch and elasticated
  • no bothersome seams


  • many fibres require a special detergent for washing

Fashionable to the core

The tops that you can find at Keller Sports in the functional underwear section can mostly also be worn as an outer garment. The designs are sporty and simple but will look fashionable in the fast lane. The temperature-regulating bottoms are available as trendy shorts, knickers or long johns. When it turns colder, long johns made of merino wool will keep you warm when running, biking or skiing down the slopes. Experience a whole new feeling when wearing intelligent functional underwear for women.



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