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Outdoor clothing

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A lot can happen outdoors: you can sweat, freeze or get soaking wet. In order to prevent this from happening, Keller Sports offers innovative outdoor clothing for athletes and anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Men, women and children are guaranteed to find the right model for them from a wide range of materials, colours and designs.

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Ingenious technology for maximum comfort

Functional outdoor clothing differs from standard everyday clothing in many respects. The demands placed on these special items of clothing are much higher. They need to provide long-lasting, reliable protection against the wind and rain and keep you warm when it's cold and vice versa. Outdoor sports clothing often involves mechanical stimuli. A durable design and hard-wearing materials are therefore essential. Modern clothes for outdoor wear often consists of innovative high-tech materials that ensure functionality and comfort at the same time.

You'll find all this at Keller Sports

You can kit yourself from head to toe with attractive outdoor fashion. From functional undergarments through heat-regulating socks to trekking trousers and outdoor jackets, our range includes everything you need to enjoy the outdoors in the wind and weather. Yes, you'll even find chic insulation skirts and functional dresses for summer at Keller Sports.

Sophisticated outdoor clothing

Functional clothing specially designed for the outdoors often includes special details. Layering based on the onion principle is particularly easy thanks to the well-thought-out design of these outdoor models. Many functional jackets consist of at least two layers; one insulating inner layer as well as a wind and water-resistant outer layer. Inner jackets, which are usually made from warming fleece or cotton material, can be removed or added as needed. Zip-off trousers are also useful in summer as well as spring and autumn. You can adjust the leg length using the zips. In fresh morning temperatures you can opt for longer trousers on your travels. As the sun warms you up you can shorten the trouser leg to knee-length. If that's still not airy enough for you, you can easily transform them into shorts.

How is functional clothing made?

Outdoor clothing is very often made from functional materials. This means textiles that offer functional added value. They have special properties and depending on the model are heat-regulating, breathable, dirt-repellent, antibacterial, waterproof, windproof, highly elastic, easy to clean and durable. Ideally one item of clothing should fulfil several functions. Synthetic and natural fibres as well as a high-quality blend of materials are used. Most outdoor jackets consist of different membranes that are perfectly coordinated. They provide excellent moisture transport from the inside out and are breathable and fast-drying at the same time. Special climate materials allow water vapour to escape while keeping the body nice and dry.

Why outdoor clothing is the better choice

Order special clothing or go touring in standard clothes? This question can be easily and quickly answered using a quality check.

Advantages of outdoor clothing:

  • maximum freedom of movement
  • mostly breathable
  • light yet durable material
  • flexible use
  • often windproof
  • often waterproof or water-resistant
  • various sophisticated details such as removable inner jackets or zip-off features
  • practical details such as hoods and pockets
  • sporty design
  • easy to clean

Disadvantages of outdoor clothing:

  • Care and waterproofing are important to maintain the fibre properties.

Outdoor clothing - ideal for sport and leisure

With outdoor functional clothing you'll always be well-equipped for any activity. You'll even be able to withstand wind and rain without freezing during longer spells outdoors in the mountains or sailing. You'll feel comfortable whether fishing in the cool morning fog, hiking in the heat of the midday sun or exploring deep snow-covered mountains. Keller Sports offers functional clothing in sporty designs for all seasons and weather conditions. Find out more about our wide range of outdoor clothing made from high-quality functional fibres and buy a breathable and temperature-regulating model for an unforgettable outdoor experience!