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It is impossible to imagine life without outdoor bags. It's not just athletes who use these practical companions, they are also ideal for everyday use. Whether it's a small or large sports bag: for training fans and the somewhat lazier among us, it's important that everything is manageable and can be stowed away quickly. And with as little effort as possible. With a flick of the wrist, you can dig out your water bottle or safely stow away your equipment and shoes. Sports bags are versatile and the small version is also suitable as an everyday companion in the city as well as when travelling. Are you more of an adventurer who wants to board the plane with light luggage? Then we also have a selection of bags in the maximum permitted hand luggage size for you. So the next trip can come without having to check in extra luggage.


As large as the selection of sports is, as many different outdoor bags we offer you in our online shop. Because we want you to be well equipped for your next adventure. By the way, even if it's a weekend trip and the Weekender has to be used for it. The best sports bag depends on what you want to use it for.Off to the forest, into town or to the next meeting: the classic daypack usually consists of padded shoulder straps, several zipped compartments, a mesh pocket for bottles and a padded compartment for your laptop. This ensures that nothing happens to your device even under extreme conditions. Many models have eyelet straps to which you can attach a skateboard or sleeping mat. Even a trip in the rain is no problem. Thanks to waterproof materials such as ripstop polyester with TPU coating and DWR impregnation, the daypacks can also withstand wet and stormy conditions. However, if you are planning a longer trip, large sports bags with wheels and extendable handles are more suitable.For long adventures: You have wanderlust again and can't wait to get on the next plane? Of course, you can't do without the right travel bag. And since your winter sports equipment is quite extensive, you need an XXL sports bag. The advantage of a trolley is that you can pull it comfortably. Thanks to a clever hook-up system, you can also attach several travel bags to one large bag. This shifts the weight onto the wheels and relieves your shoulders. In our online shop you will find different sizes - from the small 40-litre trolley to the multifunctional 90-litre travel bag.


So that your toothbrush and deodorant don't get lost in your big luggage, you can stow them away in your wash bag. Because even on long camping trips and hikes, personal hygiene should not be neglected. To ensure that the contents are well protected, many toiletry bags are padded and waterproof. This prevents surprises such as liquids leaking out. And if something does go wrong, the small bags are easy to clean.


No matter what adventure you choose, bags are versatile and the perfect companion for any outing. For everyday use in the form of a backpack with lots of storage space or for long journeys as a travel bag in large format. Thanks to robust materials, they also master the conditions at the baggage carousel. Buy the right sports bag for your next adventure in our online shop now.



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