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When talking about backpacks, we usually mean daypacks. They often accompany us for many years on different occasions. To find out which model suits you best, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Frequency of use: How often do you use the backpack?
  • Length of use: How long will you wear the backpack on your back every day?
  • Purpose: For what purpose do you need the backpack, what will you fill it with?
  • Size: How big should the backpack be?
  • Mobility: How will you travel when you have the backpack with you? On foot, on the bike, in the train or in the car?
  • Robustness: How stable, hard-wearing and waterproof do you want your backpack to be?
  • Durability: How long do you want the backpack to last?
  • Price: How much should your new backpack cost?

A good daypack can be used flexibly for different purposes. It is perfect as a companion for day hiking tours, as a school or university backpack and for work. In a daypack you have enough storage space to store all the things you need for everyday life or for travelling in your hand luggage. A comfortable carrying system ensures that you hardly feel the weight on your shoulders. To keep your smartphone, notebooks, papers or other contents in your backpack dry and undamaged, you should choose a waterproof backpack if you are out and about a lot.


The size of a backpack is crucial in many cases. Daypacks often have a capacity of 10 to 35 litres of storage space. This size will determine the weight once the backpack is fully packed. To protect your back, you should therefore make sure you have a suitable carrying system (with chest and hip straps, if necessary).

For air travel, the "55-35-20 rule" applies: your hand luggage must not exceed the maximum dimensions of 55 x 35 x 20 cm (about 35 litres) and a maximum weight of 8 kg (for most airlines). Daypacks themselves always have a small pack size, light weight and are easy to stow when rolled up.


A light or ultra-light daypack for hiking should not only offer enough storage space, but also be water-repellent. In the Keller Sports range you will find various waterproof daypacks, made from special synthetic fibre textiles and membranes that provide optimal weather protection, similar to truck tarpaulins, for example. In addition, the seams of many models are welded, and waterproof zips are used, a permanent impregnation (DWR) ensures lasting protection against dirt and water. There are also protective covers for all backpacks that you can put over them in bad weather. This makes your daypack waterproof and can keep out rain showers or snowfall.


With an average maximum weight of 8-10 kg for a daypack, the carrying system plays a crucial role - especially for longer distances on foot. It is also important that the daypack fits perfectly on your back and has good ventilation. Mesh back carrying systems (such as the Deuter Aircomfort System) keep an airy space between your back and the backpack, so that there is no direct contact surface and no unpleasant sweat patches on your back. Daypacks without a mesh back, which lie close to the body, are recommended for trail running, bike tours, via ferrata or climbing tours. A daypack with a contact back is also recommended for heavy, hard luggage, as stability and weight control are the main considerations here. Adjustable straps on many models allow you to adjust the backpack's body height and proximity to your body.

Other elements of a high-quality carrying system:

  • Shoulder strap with padding
  • Chest strap with adjustable fastener
  • Hip belt with adjustable closure
  • Adjustable luggage control straps
  • Back zone with contact surface or mesh insert

The more you wear the backpack, the more important comfort is to you. Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps, ideally equipped with padding, prevent pressure points, chafing or rubbing injuries on the skin.


At Keller Sports, you'll find backpacks for men and women, but gender differences don't really matter when it comes to daypacks. The important thing is that the backpack fits, suit you well, is carried correctly and that you don't overload your back. Of course, there are different brands, designs, colours and shapes. You can also personalize your backpack later with a patch, a colourful scarf, tiny fabric animals or other accessories. However, these details have no influence on the basic functionality.


Ultimately, important details are also decisive when buying a backpack: a good compartment system ensures sufficient storage space and order. Small items such as mobile phone, keys, ticket or wallet should be within easy reach. Padded notebook compartments and side pockets or outside nets for drinks are extremely practical. Reflective elements increase visibility in road traffic at dusk. Design, shape and colour are a matter of taste, but can increase the recognition value of your backpack among many similar models. At Keller Sports, you'll find a wide selection of different daypack models. And there are many other reduced backpacks waiting for you in the Keller Sports backpack outlet. Don't hesitate, be quick!



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