“Sports clothing should draw perspiration away from the skin” – this is the opinion that many sports brands have based their products on. However, X-Bionic has turned this thinking around by developing functional underwear founded on an innovative concept. This concept is actually very simple: if perspiration does not belong on the body, why do we sweat at all?

With this idea in mind, X-Bionic created unique functional clothing that uses your own perspiration to cool the body and keep its core temperature stable at around 37°C.

X-Bionic functional clothing diverts excess heat away yet conserves perspiration in little canals in the clothing so it will cool the body during activities. In cooler weather, warm air is retained and used to warm the body. Keller Sports Pro Thomas thinks that “the 3D-BionicSphere® System’s special moisture management provides an optimal temperature”.

Apart from that, functional clothing supports you by means of partial compression on blood circulation, without affecting the temperature of the perspiration, of course. This supports your performance while running, cycling or doing other sporty activities.

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The American TV programme Sport Science has seen the lab and tested the clothing:

Source: X-Bionic