Nothing can overwhelm this jacket! The outdoor jacket from Gore will protect you against the toughest weather conditions thanks to its Gore-Tex product technology. It is optimally breathable, wind- and waterproof and stylish.

The reason why the One Gore-Tex offers all these functions is because it has a particularly thin membrane that remains waterproof for a long time and can withstand extreme weather. The jacket has microscopic pores that are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, so there is no chance of any getting inside the garment. Apart from that, the textiles used to make the jacket let through 5l/m²sec of air at the most, which makes this jacket really high quality with regards to windproofing. One other aspect of this garment is its high degree of breathability – this means the jacket is just as suited to day-to-day life as it is for physically challenging activities. Your skin will also stay dry at all times, even when you are sweating. Particularly impressive is the jacket’s light weight, despite its robust quality.


Additional features, such as the zipped Napoleon pockets, reflective details at the sides, an elasticated hem and a close-fitting hood all make Gore’s outdoor jacket a very trendy product. The slim cut also ensures a sporty yet elegant fit. The outstanding quality of all of the One Gore-Tex’s properties have been tried and tested. With this jacket you are guaranteed to stay dry! The new One Gore Tex is only available in a limited number of stores and stocks are also limited, so don’t think about it a second longer – get it in our shop!

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