More than half of the year has past… what became of your resolution for 2015? Every year, The American College of Sport brings together fitness trends that will make us sweat. If you have neglected your resolution for the first half of the year, we give you the fitness trends of 2015 so that you can start now, and as there are only two things that you can do wrong when training: give up or not even begin, its better now than never!


Training is possible without dumbbells or other weights and devices. Have you ever tried using you own body weight to work out so that you build your muscles? Itäs extremely practical to train without any equiptment of devices and on top of that, you are protecting your tendons, ligaments and joints whilst training.


The High-Intensity Interval Training is a type of training whereby you alternate between short, intense workouts and less intense units. These intervals are repeated for a given number. An effective HIT Workout comprise of between 6 and 12 rounds. “I have no time” is therefore not an excuse!  


Have you ever heard about the HIT training 30-20-10 formular? Here, you train for 30 seconds at a slow speed, 20 seconds at a quick pace and then 10 seconds at a sprint. blogheader_302010_en With HIT training you must, however, watch out that you don’t choose too long or too short time chuncks: if you spend too long at a fast tempo, the whole HIT training turns into regular endurance training.  


Fitness studios will offer special courses like Stomach-Knee-Pro, aerobics and Zumba. In a group motivation is much higher COM_Group  


Weight training is only for men. But for women, training with dumbbell weights is getting more and more popular. weightlifterCOM  


Personal trainers give you a training plan depending on your individual needs and help you overcome your inner couch potato. Your personal trainer also ensures that you have the right technique. blogheader_trainingsplan_en  


The combination of weight loss and exercise still remains popular and one or the other is normally set as a resolution. But weight loss only sees results when exercise is combined with the right diet. You will need more energy with fitness training so take food along with you. A calorie balance sheet will help you. kalorienCOM  


Yoga is the perfect balance of the effects you see from strength training and running. It improves strength, stamina and flexibility without running your body. blogheader_yoga_en  


Workouts are not only for the young’uns! For older sportsmen and women it is important to train your balance and flexibility. COM_Stabi  


Our professional Raphael M’barek describes what Functional Fitness means to him: “Functional Training. A training form that bears its definition in its name. Training the features accordingly – it sounds less exciting than it actually is. Tried and tested, classic exercises that primarily address the major muscle groups have been reinvented to spark a new trend. Hardly any other training seems to be as demanding and arduous for the body. But next to the muscular demand we also must factor in coordination, flexibility and most of the time mental endurance. The more demanding the training is, the bigger effects are seen. With hardly any other form of training is calorie burning, strength gains and increased control so high. Furthermore Feeletics, Crosstraining, TRX and Co. say that little or no equipment is needed and so the training can be carried out anywhere. What are you waiting for?”  


The advantages of personal trainers are well known, but this is also shown in the price we pay. Therefore it is usual for a fitness group to share the same trainer so that individual, intensive training can be achieved without the high price. Have you already got the appropriate outfit for training? Often an appropriate outfit that you…look good in is motivation enough to get that workout started.