If you’re the type to go hiking no matter the weather or season and you’re looking for tips or inspiration for your next hiking trip in the snow, read on - our Keller Sports Pro Michi has a few useful tips and recommendations to share with you!

In the first part of our winter hiking series, we’re going to share two hiking tours - the first is easy to complete, and the second is a little more challenging. In the second part of the series, we’ll share a more difficult tour and some recommendations and tips for getting well kitted out for winter hikes. This is what our Pro has to say:

“In my free time, I try to get out of the house as much as possible - visit the mountains, the lakes and nature in general, even in winter. I usually travel by bus or train, so the routes I suggest here are easily accessible with public transport.

Around the Eibsee: Route length: approx. 7.1 Km Duration: approx. 1:45 hours Elevation: ⇑ 224 m ⇓ 224m Level: easy 20180106_123044

From Munich, take the train to Grainau. Now you can either catch a bus to Eibsee lake or walk there. It’s a 4 k walk along Eibsee street, which runs through the beautiful town of Grainau. Tip: There’s a detour next to the Hotel am Badersee. Take it if you want to have a look at the little lake called Badersee.

Once you arrive at Eibsee lake, you can begin the 7 k hike around it. This easy route along the shore of the lake offers some wonderful views of the Alps and the lake itself.


Along the way, you’ll come across some little waterfalls and you’ll catch glimpses through the forest of the crystal clear water (or ice, if the lake’s frozen over!) and the small island in the middle of the lake.

Foodie tip: Visit the Eibsee Alm and order some Kaiserschmarn pancake and Kasnocken dumplings - I recommend it!

Along the Prinzenweg, from Schliersee to Tegernsee:

Route length: approx. 14.6 Km Duration: approx. 5 hours Elevation: ⇑ 655 m ⇓ 707 m Level: medium

After an hour-long journey on the Bayrischen Oberlandbahn (BOB) train from Munich to Schliersee train station, take a short walk along the lake and cross the BOB railway line. This is where the hiking route starts.


About 1100 metres up Prinzen way you’ll start to feel the snow crunching underneath your feet - it’s a wonderful feeling! This route offers some amazing scenery and, if you take a minute to look back, you can also enjoy a great view of the Schliersee lake. Carry on past the Gindelalm until you reach the Neureuth (they’re both mountain huts that double up as cosy, traditional German restaurants). From here, follow the hiking trail down past the Lieberhof bed & breakfast until you get to the Tegernsee lake. After a relaxing coffee break on the lake shore, head for the train station and catch the BOB train back to Munich.”


That was part 1 of our winter hiking series. We hope you enjoyed our tips and can make the most of them during your next hike! Now it’s time to pack your rucksack and set off on an adventure - we look forward to hearing how you get on! Just post your comments below to share your experiences with us. We hope you’re looking forward to the second part of this series, where our Pro will share a more challenging trip and some helpful equipment recommendations for winter hikes!