Whether you’re an ambitious tournament player or a passionate amateur player - you’ve not long to wait before the outdoor tennis season begins. To make sure you’re off to a flying start, we’re already offering you Wilson’s latest and best products for the 2018 season! T-shirts in fresh, spring-inspired colours and shorts for both ladies and gentlemen are bound to set the right mood for some sporty activities out in the open. Hoodies, light jackets and long tennis pants will keep you warm before and after training, as spring temperatures are often overestimated, especially after an exhausting match. WRS323860_Kaos_2.0_Firery_Red_White_Coral_Side_1502_900x675 Apart from Wilson clothes, our selection also includes the latest shoe models for outdoor tennis courts. If you’re as passionate about your style as you are about your performance, the new Kaos 2.0 is perfect for you! It offers maximum comfort and supports dynamic movements, while also protecting your feet. The shoe impresses with superb support during lateral moves and provides the flexibility you need for a winning shot. Its bright shades are ideal for the new season and will add a splash of colour to your training. We’re really looking forward to hitting the outdoor courts - if you are too, then check out the latest Wilson products now!