Supplementing your running training with strength training sounds logical, this way we achieve stability and resilience. But yoga can also be a really useful complement to your training plan, since in comparison to (common) strength training it stretches the muscular system and improves your movability. Possible results are bigger strides, better breathing and even more stability. Are you ready!?  

Five yoga exercises as stretching for runners

One thing first: yoga ist as easy as it sometimes seems! It stretches individual muscles, so we advise a bit of self-caution. Make sure you warm up properly beforehand and concentrate on using the correct form for each exercise.

Calf stretches

yoga-for-runners1 In the downward dog position, bend one leg and press down with the heel of the other hard on the ground, in order to strech your calf muscles. Hold this position for three to five breaths and then change sides.

Gluteal stretches

yoga-for-runners2 Place your left ankle on your right knee, while you are lying on your back with bent legs/knees. The pull your left leg closer to your chest, so that you feel a pull in your glutes. Again, hold this position for three to five breaths, and then change leg.

Quad stretches

yoga-for-runners3 In a lunge position (large stride) set your hind leg back. From your hip slowly switch your weight from front to back. If this stretch isn’t enough for you, then you can touch the opposite foot wit your hand, so that you lightly stetch your side and intensify the exercise.

Hamstring stretches

yoga-for-runners4 From the lunge position shift your weight back so that your butt is higher than the resting knee. Stretch the front leg and tighten your toes. Watch out for an extended back and then lean as forward as you can without having to stop the stretch. Hold this position for three to five breaths and then switch leg. Alternative: the “Forward Fold” yoga-for-runners6 In a wide stance, hold your hands together behind your back, take a deep breath and, while exhaling, lean forward. Ideally, until your head touches the floor. If your thighs become too tight, you can bend your legs slightly. But only slightly! Now try to drop your arms over your head until they also touch the ground. If you can still do that, then you‘re better than us. Respect! ;-) With that you’ve successfully completed the yoga-programme for runners. Congrats! You’ll find these and more exercises in a graphic by Move Nourish Believe on Pinterest. Do you already follow our boards?   Yoga improves your movability as well as your motor functions and leads to a more efficient running style. In addition it helps us to recover straight after training. 15 minutes should be more than enough! When are you starting with yoga?