Our PRO Sinah loves yoga. In this post she tells us how she discovered yoga and what makes this sport so special for her.

As a dancer and former gymnast I came across yoga in a very typical way – I wanted to improve my flexibility and strengthen my muscles. It was nothing spiritual, no searching for inner motivations, and certainly no meditation. This was how I felt when I registered with my yoga teacher in Bali. In four weeks I wanted to return to Germany completely trained up, but I got exactly what I didn’t want: lots of spirituality, diving into the depths of yoga, and very little physical activity. At the end though, it turned out to be just what I needed, a journey to analyse and get to know myself, and to gain inner balance. Since this experience in Bali I feel a little more complete, a little more me, and I learnt a lot about myself. It might sound egocentric but, looking at the bigger picture, it isn’t at all. If I’m at peace with myself then I can pass this on to my environment and help out my fellow human beings by offering balance and positive energy.

Now let me tell you why I love yoga so much. I think, above all, it’s because of its complexity. If I want to feel every muscle pulling, pushing and strengthening, then yoga can offer me just that. If I feel unsettled or overwhelmed, yoga brings me back to base through targeted breathing exercises, Asanas to encourage concentration or simply a pleasant voice to lead me. If I have a headache or need comforting there is a wonderful exercise for that too. If I feel lost and need inspiration, I read a book about yoga, a guru or Paulo Coehlo, as it’s also considered yoga practice. Or I just sit and meditate for ten minutes to escape the hustle and bustle inside my brain.

Yoga has become a little guiding light for me, as well as improvement, reinforcement or support for every situation I encounter in my life, no matter what it is. It is finding out more about myself so I can enjoy life that little bit more, with or without my fellow human beings. Like many other sports, yoga has put me in contact with wonderful people, like-minded individuals. The beauty of it is that there are no right or wrong reasons to practice yoga, and I have yet to meet someone who has not come out of a yoga class feeling exactly the same way I feel.