Our PRO Art is a real fitness professional. Apart from working out in his spare time he also provides valuable tips for Crossfit and athletics training on his HEARTCORE Athletics blog. In this article he explains in detail what he loves so much about fitness sports:

Why do I train? Good question. To begin with I just did it to get fitter and look better. Then I wanted to become stronger and constantly improve my performance. And to take part in one or two competitions and stay fit for my job. All of these motivations and goals are still really important to me but I have now reached the conclusion that form follows function. It is pointless for me to train to stay in shape – the most important thing is that my body works properly in any situation I may encounter in life. I want to go mountain climbing, biking, kiting, surfing, SUPing, slacklining, skating or rowing when and how I want to without my fitness posing any kind of problem or hindering my (spontaneous) ideas. This alone makes the training worthwhile, even if I don’t have a big goal at the end of it.

All in all I train for life and to enjoy the body’s own considerable “happy cocktail” of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins that I get after a good CrossFit workout.

You can find more information about this topic and everything you can do with fitness in Art’s blog post.