Have you ever had a long working day at a desk? How often do you sand up and stretch yourself? Not often enough probably? And you haven’t been sitting upright in your chair, have you? What am I getting at? Sitting for prolonged periods can be unhealthy. Often it results in tension in the neck or even permanent back ache. We have collected a few tips so that you can rid and prevent these symptoms. So You Have Back Pain Again  

Back problems are mainly due to incorrect posture and too little movement.

Back pain with rest and care for therapy is rather counter-productive. Movement is better – but don’t overdo it. It solves tension and provides the spinal discs with nutrition. Easy and light stretching exercises (such as progressive muscle relaxation) get the blood circulation going. Heat has the same effect. A heated cushion can work wonders! Additional sports movement is of course recommendable. “Quiet” forms of sport such as Yoga, Pilates or Thai-Chi are very back friendly. Also, careful strength training is useful, but should be carried out at a beginner’s level with an experienced trainer. Watersports such as Aqua-fitness or Aqua-jogging are some of the best forms of sport for people with back pain as the weight of your body is reduced on the spine and through the use of targeted resisters, the core muscles are ideally trained. But despite all of the pain in the back, the problems arise not only there. A complete training will ensure a faster success  

Avoid Back Pain With Sport

To avoid back pain in the long term, take a look at the causes. Is your workplace ergonomic ? Is your chair the right height? Can you not put the printer 5km further away, so that it forces you to stand up and move about? It is also very import to eliminate stress . Many physical problems have physical causes. Running is regularly recommended, where you have to find out for yourself where, how often and how fast you run. Soft terrain and shoes with good cushioning relieve the spine. Alternatively you can also (without a heavy rucksack) hike or go walking. The main thing is saying that you’re going! If you have read this article at your desk, please stand up and stretch before you send it to all your friends!