On 26th September, DYNAFIT, the brand for professional mountaineers, began its brand campaign. Mountaineering fans from all over the world have until 8th January to apply to the campaign with their MOUNTOPIA - this is your own personal mountaineering project, to be carried out between March and July 2017. Be it your first Alpine Running event or a mountain climbing expedition, DYNAFIT wants to make your dream come true. Together with GORE®, the brand will select one of the projects and support the winner with equipment and financing. Apart from that, you will receive help in planning and completing your project by a DYNAFIT athlete and a mountain guide! Do you have a vision and great motivation but no sponsors? If that's the case, join in and apply to DYNAFIT with your MOUNTOPIA project.


Should you still need the right kit for your mountain sport, you can find high-quality, functional DYNAFIT products in our shop - from outdoor shoes to scarves!