Looking for action? Want to leave your daily routine behind? We have the perfect thing for you! Experience Werdenfelser Land, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, from a completely different (and wet) perspective with white water rafting! But, what is rafting and what exactly does it entail? Rafting comes from the word “raft” - you use a rubber one to ride river rapids. There are different levels of difficulty. A maximum of 8 people can fit into one raft, and they have to work as a team to paddle in a set rhythm. You also need to come to terms with the idea of getting wet - it’s bound to happen. So, if you love adventures and are on the lookout for a cool group event, be sure to try this out! The Keller Sports Team has already given it a shot. We went on a rafting trip starting at Farchant, following the flow of the river Loisach for 14 kilometres until arriving at Eschenlohe. At the start of the event, in Farchant, we were all greeted by professional guides Quirin, Bennett and Lango and equipped with neoprene shoes, helmets and swimming vests. The group was then divided into 3 teams. The moment the rafts hit the water, the tension between rafts 1, 2 and 3 started to soar! image2 And then, it began: the guides took the 3 rafts through the smaller rapids and, very soon, every team had found its own rhythm with the paddles. All three teams went about it very different ways. Shaft 1 decided that discipline and an iron-hard will to win was the way forward. They really wanted to show the others how it was done. Raft 2, on the other hand, had taken the offensive strategy and barely left anybody dry with their overtaking manoeuvres. Even from afar, you could still hear the cheering from the little crowd of cyclists and hikers that had gathered along the banks of the river to watch the show. NOVATEK CAMERA Then there was raft 3, who had taken a more relaxed attitude towards the trip and wanted to enjoy the views. Everyone enjoyed themselves very much! Everyone was soaked through at the end, be it by the river or by the sudden showers we experienced. IMG_0259 Towards the end, rafts 1 and 2 gave it one final go to earn the day’s victory, while raft 3 was welcomed with a Mexican wave! Have you always wanted to try rafting? Check out the trips with the Wildwasser Werdenfels white water rafting company!