With the motto “Find your true north”, Wanderlust organises over 108 festivals worldwide around three activities: running, yoga and meditation. This is done to unite the mindset of the community. In the Mindful Triathlon, it’s not about being the first to reach the finish line or being the best performer, it’s about uniting your body with your mind and your soul - a spiritual experience, a journey together towards inner peace and balance. The focus of the event is on being part of a community, not a competition.


Even if you’ve never stepped foot on a yoga mat, you can still take part in the Wanderlust festival. What matters is your ability to share your willpower and team spirit with the community on the day of the event - this is what will make the day an unforgettable experience. It’s a wonderful idea.

If you feel like taking part in a new challenge, don’t miss the Wanderlust Festival in the Munich Olympic Park, on 16th July.

You can expect to see inspiring teachers, like passionate yoga leather Mady Morrison and meditation coach Michael Kurth. Even after the Mindful Movement Triathlon, the event goes on. Activities like Acro Yoga, Functional or Mobility Training all offer you the chance to push yourself further. After all that, you can spend the rest of the day browsing through yoga outfits and accessories at the Kula market and enjoying a bite to eat. It sounds like a unique experience for anyone who’s after new and unforgettable challenges.

Adidas even has a Wanderlust outfit collection, you can see some of the products in the photos. What do you think of the Yoga collection?


Source: Wanderlust Festival