Previous posts about the new skis from our partners HEAD and Scott have shown that the development of skis is becoming more technologically advanced, more modern and more performance-oriented every day. Yet another partner of ours, Völkl, has also taken this approach. The brand has already successfully tried, tested and proven what can be achieved with technology by launching its High Tech V-Werks line. One of the main goals of this range of skis is reducing the weight of the products. It if for this reason that Völkl only uses the very best materials, like carbon, aramid and titanal. Thanks to Völkl’s own manufacturing technology, the venture has resulted in particularly light skis that make no compromises when it comes to stability or hardiness. The V-Werks series caters for all kinds of skiing: the famous Völkl V-Werks Code for all-mountain racers, the RTM for efficient performance, and the Katana, which is a freeride ski. New additions to the line are the touring ski and the freeride touring ski. Now all skiers can find their ideal skis in this collection alone. We’ve recently added some of the models to our range, so we would like to introduce you to some of the most important technologies they include:DM_Voelkl016_13

3D.Ridge: one of Völkl's trademarks for lightweight construction. This is a raised crossbar that levels off the parts of the ski in front and behind the binding all the way to the edge, thus reducing the oscillating weight around the pivot point and increasing the ski’s agility. 3D.Ridge technology is one of the most extreme and most effective ski constructions available on the market today.

UVO: an abbreviation that stands for Ultimate Vibration Object and that described the free-floating 360° vibration damper. This Völkl damper is placed at the front of the ski and uses vibration absorption to reduce the disruptive ski vibrations that can occur during a ride. This means you enjoy a smoother skiing experience, increased agility, improved performance and powerful steering without having to put as much energy into it.

Powered by Titanium: a technology consisting of a thin titanal layer placed above and below the wood core. This thin alloy offers the ski outstanding damping, especially at high speeds.csm__MAT0756_c27e511678