In this post from January we introduced you to the new adidas training collection with Karlie Kloss. Kloss is a supermodel, athlete and computer programmer. Today we want to let you in on what influences her creativity and motivates her to always develop new and different workouts. We also want to share some EXOS expert training tips with you.

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Be it programming, cooking or working with brands like adidas - everything I do bears my mark and shows who I am”, says Karlie Kloss. This front-page athlete tries to break away from habit and give her body new challenges, both in sports and in everyday life. The model explains that “with varied training you also get the best results”.

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Because of her packed schedule, she switches between training methods. She practises running, Pilates, HIT (High Intensity Training), dancing, yoga and many more, as she travels the world and must adapt to her changing circumstances. “I love trying new things - this also applies to food. I really like trying out new health- and nutrition trends for myself”, explains Karlie, and she continues with: “The most important thing is to focus on your diet and find out what suits you”.

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To finish off, here are some expert training tips from EXOS on how to stay fit when your daily routine is as stressful as Karlie’s.

Variety is everything By adding new movements to your training plan, you not only challenge your body, but also improve your coordination abilities. Your performance potential increases, so you stay motivated and aim for various different results. Mixing makes it Having lots of different exercises on your schedule makes your workout more interesting, more varied and more balanced. The less-trained muscles groups will be targeted just as much as the well-trained ones, and eventually you will balance out inequalities in fitness level. The best thing to do is to design a training plan by reflecting on what you want to improve; this way you will stay focused and motivated. We’re stronger together Getting together with others, be it to work out in a group or cook together, means that you automatically surround yourself with people who could become a role model to you. You can find out how they succeed at doing what you have set yourself as a goal, so you start to see yourself reflected in their success and begin to have more faith in your own abilities. A varied diet gives you vitality The body needs a variety of nutrients to work properly, and the best way to give it those nutrients is by eating a varied diet. Only like that can our health stay at an optimal level and make use of all the micronutrients and secondary vegetable substances it needs. We recommend eating vegetables, fruit and berries in all shades of colour. In our Keller Sports online shop you can get kitted out for your workout with the latest adidas products (among others) and read the latest tips.