In our selection, you’ll find the latest Nike Free RN models, so you can achieve your full running potential. The latest versions of the Free RN, the Free RN Flyknit and the Free RN Motion Flyknit are all available in different colours for men and women in our selection. Wondering what makes Nike Free so special? Read on and find out why it’s the perfect running shoe.

The Nike Free is a kind of shoe that supports natural movement cycles with the minimum amount of impairment. With the Nike Free, the runner can develop a more fine-tuned feeling of his or her own body. Free technology allows you to feel the ground better, helping you achieve your full physical potential. Barefoot training can strengthen a runner’s feet and improve overall performance, which is the basic idea behind Nike Free technology. With Nike Free, your shoe should feel like a second skin. You’ll have the exact amount of support you need - no more, no less, and you’ll benefit from a very natural feeling, thanks to the revolutionary midsole. The Nike Free sole’s design is based on the analysis of natural motion cycles of people running barefoot on grass.



The latest Nike Free RN 2018 models now come with an updated sole. This is particularly light, flexes during every step and springs back into place, offering a very natural and barefoot-like feeling. The knitted fabric of the Nike Free running shoe wraps around the foot like a sock. It’s also very breathable, so it allows air to circulate, supporting a natural feeling and offering great comfort. The Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 running shoe is also extremely easy to store, you can take it with you in your bag. It’s also the lightest model in the Free RN family, making it ideal for taking with you when you travel. If you feel like it, you can just take your running shoes out of your bag and go for a spontaneous run.

With Nike Free, you’ll support your natural movement cycles and improve your performance. Unleash your running potential and discover the new Nike Free RN 2018 in brand new colours - now in our selection.