Outdoor PRO Julian wore the KEEN Uneek Camo men's outdoor sandals during his trip to Morocco and he really put the shoes to the test.

The shoes were perfect for his journeys around Morocco as they kept his feet well ventilated, yet were extremely stable on all kinds of terrain. This was also the case on slippery surfaces, where the shoes provided his feet with a high degree of support. As well as this, reinforcements at the heel and forefoot offered him excellent grip.

What makes these KEEN outdoor sandals special is that they are only made up of two laces. This construction means the sandals adapt beautifully to your feet - this was confirmed by Julian, who described the laces as very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. A high level of comfort is also achieved thanks to the PU midsole. The sandals are waterproof, so they are ideal for trips to the beach or for casual use during day-to-day activities, worn with jeans or shorts. Julian recommends these shoes for average-length walks on various kinds of terrain.