With its campaign, UNLIKE ANY, the brand Under Armour is teaming up with lyricists, poets and wordsmiths to celebrate women who are like no others. Women who perform breathtaking feats. Women who fascinate and inspire and demonstrate athletic abilities that are beyond comparison. Zoe Zhang is one of them. As a Taekwondo Black Belt, she breaks every convention: “I fight against anyone who dismissed my pain and my potential. I fight in my own way and rise above all others. Like no other.” 170719_UNLIKEANY_LNDR_ZZ_BIGIMG Zoe’s personal potential and inner strength helped her fight back, even after tough setbacks. Giving up was never an option. After an injury break, Zoe fought her way back into the spotlight and became one of China’s most famous martial arts actresses. Every one of us will come across setbacks from time to time - be it in sports or in everyday life. Just remember: you can do it! Set yourself small goals, challenge yourself but don’t overdo it. Listen to your body and you’ll notice how you improve, how you get stronger and how you push your boundaries. Believe in yourself. You can do it!

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