This past spring, our partner Under Armour launched two brand new running shoe models: the Under Armour HOVR Phantom and the Under Armour HOVR Sonic. We currently have both running shoes available in new colourways, so it’s the perfect time to introduce you to the shoes and Under Armour’s HOVR technology.

Under Armour HOVR technology

Similar to other brands, like adidas, ASICS and Nike, Under Armour is also in constant search for the latest cushioning technologies. The aim is to come as close as possible to the perfect combination of lightness, cushioning, energy return and durability. adidas got together with BASF to create BOOST material, while ASICS and Nike independently developed FlyteFoam and React technologies respectively. So, what about Under Armour? Under-Armour-HOVR-Running-Women-1024x448 The American sports brand has taken a similar path to adidas. By teaming up with one of the biggest chemical companies in the world, Dow Chemical (which merged with DuPont to form DowDuPont), Under Armour has had the opportunity to research a brand new material. The result of this work is an extremely light and soft foam - very much like the material used to insulate aeroplanes. However, the foam on its own doesn’t return any energy during a run and isn’t particularly hardwearing.

Under Armour’s next step was to wrap the foam in so-called EnergyWeb, which prevents the foam from losing its shape. This means that any impact during a run is absorbed by the foam and instantly returned to the foot in the form of energy. We usually refer to this impact absorption as cushioning, and the returning of energy is described as reactivity.

To ensure the sole is not only light, soft and reactive but also long-lasting, Under Armour added a third component to the new technology. Wrapped around the foam and its encasing EnergyWeb is a robust solid rubber outsole. This adds grip and robustness to the entire thing. These three layers, HOVR foam, EnergyWeb and rubber, are what makes up Under Armour HOVR technology.

Under Armour HOVR running shoes

We have two different running shoes on offer with the new cushioning technology: the Under Armour HOVR Phantom and the Under Armour HOVR Sonic. We’re now going to explore the similarities and differences between both running shoe models.

Apart from HOVR cushioning technology, both the Phantom and the Sonic share the same external TPU heel counter. This serves to add stability to a running shoe and has been used in previous Under Armour models like the Speedform Gemini 2. The heel counter sports a large Under Armour logo.

Another similarity between the HOVR Phantom and the HOVR sonic is the offset. Both running shoe models have an 8 mm heel-to-toe drop, which means that they’re a little flatter than most neutral running shoes.

When it comes to differences, the biggest one is obvious: the collar. While the Under Armour HOVR Sonic sits below the ankle, the mesh upper of the Under Armour Phantom reaches higher up. The uppers of both shoe models are also different from one another.

The two different uppers dry quickly and are very breathable, but that of the Under Armour HOVR Phantom is slightly thicker, softer and more cushioned than that of the Sonic. This, of course, affects the weight of the shoes: the HOVR Sonic weighs in at just 225 g, while the HOVR Phantom is 301 g. Consequently, both models have different uses.

The lighter Under Armour HOVR Sonic is better suited to fast runs and interval runs. The slightly softer and better cushioned Under Armour HOVR Phantom is perfect for longer runs where you train your stamina, not your speed. Which of the two models is best for your sport?

The new colours of the Under Armour HOVR shoes

As is typical of modern running shoes, the Under Armour HOVR models were not just made for running - they double up as the perfect everyday trainers, as you can see from the new colourways. The discreet white-and-grey, grey-and-white and full black sports shoes are easy to combine with any outfit.

Browse through our new Under Armour HOVR models now and test them out for yourselves. Whether you wear them for sports or everyday life, you’re sure to fall in love with these shoes.