Ace skier and extraordinary athlete Marcel Hirscher is the embodiment of success, nerves of steel and absolute all-round fitness. What makes him so amazing? What is it that makes the difference?

The seven-time Overall World Cup winner, World Champion and Olympic Champion has teamed up with his partner Under Armour to share an exclusive insight into his training programme for the first time ever. “Talent alone isn’t enough. The key to success is hard work”, confirms Marcel Hirscher.

Marcel Hirscher works with his trainers Gernot Schweizer and Clemens Diwald to push his personal physical boundaries both in training and in competitions - it’s off-piste that you lay the foundation for a successful ski season and new broken records. Marcel Hirscher Under Armour Fitness

"My body is my life insurance", Marcel Hirscher

Hirscher rushes down World Cup pistes at up to 100 km/h - for skiers like that, fitness is a top priority. "My body is my life insurance", he says.

"The right training makes me strong, reduces the risk of injury and ensures I don’t get ill in winter. If everything goes according to plan, I can then give it all I’ve got from the first to the last day of the race season." To keep his motivation high, the world-class athlete counts on a varied and unconventional training regime. He even makes some of his own training equipment to work on the specific muscle groups and abilities that are most relevant to skiing.

For this athlete, there’s no such thing as a training routine. "Training is about strength, speed, reactions, concentration and stamina. The only way to earn a place on the podium is to bring all of these components into perfect harmony", answers the Salzburg-born skier when asked about his training focus. Marcel Hirscher Under Armour Training

Marcel Hirscher x Under Armour

At the exclusive Under Armour training event in Hallein, near Salzburg, Marcel Hirscher shared a unique insight into his training programme. Hard training, strong willpower and, of course, the perfect team for support are three of the most important aspects for Hirscher.

Obstacles and challenges aren’t something you should push out of the way, quite on the contrary - they make you a better athlete. This is also the focus for the skier’s partner, Under Armour.

"Talent doesn’t break records. Hard work and an iron will are the key. Success is the result of having the right attitude. We want to share the news with the world: everybody can break their boundaries. There’s a good reason our motto is ‘Under Armour makes you better’.

Marcel is a one-of-a-kind athlete and he deserves to be way up there among the likes of Michael Phelps and Steph Curry. We’re very proud to be working with him", says Under Armour’s Philipp Walter. Marcel Hirscher Training mit Under Armour Peter Schröcksnadel, Chair of the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV), recognised Hirscher’s potential very early on. "Marcel’s talent stood out from the very beginning. The first time we saw him, we had no doubt he’d become a star of the skiing scene. His hard work and the intensity with which he prepares his body for the ski season are evidence that he has an iron will. He’s a born athlete, 100%", says Schröcksnadel.

Intensive training means that you can deliver a perfect performance on demand and break your boundaries. For top athlete Marcel Hirscher, this doesn’t just apply in winter, but also in the pre-season preparation.

"All of us participating in the Ski World Cup are chasing that perfect turn, but there’s much more to it than just skiing technique. I ski around 150 days a year over 8 months, but I work on my fitness and strength practically all year round. What this means is that I train a lot more off-piste than I actually do on the snow. Not many people know that", shares Hirscher.

The foundation for a successful ski season is laid away from the mountains and the snowy slopes - no one knows this better than the 7-time Overall World Cup winner. Marcel Hirscher Fitness Tipps