Recently we uncovered five fitness myths for you, but we only scratched the surface. Here you can read about another five of these myths.

1. If you sweat you are unfit

This is an obvious one: Not true – quite the opposite actually! Regular training improves your body’s temperature regulation. When the muscles become more efficient they need to be cooled down more when pushed, which is why the body produces more perspiration. So, as a general rule of thumb: fit people sweat more, though this differs from person to person. In any case, the myth that you are not fit if you sweat is completely false.M_SS15_TaylorHall_Train_01-940x525 klein

2. Doing lots of sit-ups will build a six-pack

If only it were that simple ;-) of course, sit-ups strengthen the stomach muscles but the working off tummy fat in such a targeted way is just not possible. In fact, training only the abdomen can actually harm other parts of the body, especially the back. We should always make sure to also train the specific muscle’s “counterpart”. To get rid of tummy fat though, you need to start with your nutrition.Asics_SS16_Training_35_LR

3. Burning fat starts after the first 30 minutes of exercising

No, this myth is not true either, even though it is often used as an excuse to not do any sort of exercise at all. In reality fat-burning begins from the first minute of exercise. Your body uses different sources of energy during training and other activities; the only thing that changes is the ratio between the energy sources used. The main sources of energy are carbohydrates and fats. A small bit of truth can be found in this myth, in the sense that carbohydrate reserves run out faster than the fat reserves, which means that it takes some time before the fat-burning gets into full swing. In conclusion: fat-burning begins from the very start of your workout but it is more efficient during longer training sessions.18f150a7969a7638cfd3073950828b4c

4. Exercising once a week has no benefits

This is yet another commonly used excuse to not do any exercise. Exercising once a week is definitely better than not exercising at all. Any kind of movement does your body good, even when it is “just” a walk or a relaxed run. If you want to keep up your level of fitness, then exercising once a week is brilliant, but if you want to lose weight or build up your muscle mass you will need to exercise several times a week. Nevertheless, any kind of training or movement will benefit your health.uhling-pushup

5. Weight lifting turns fat into muscle

From a physiological point of view this is simply impossible. Fat and muscle are two completely different kinds of matter. Building muscle and burning fat are two parallel processes during weight lifting, but they are independent from one another.