There are several ways to satisfy the desire for “ultra”. One option is the classic 50s over several rounds (ultra trail running on all-terrain) which is increasing in popularity. Actually, “Ultra” can be ran everywhere. The ultra community is very well connected on social media – have you already connected with us on Facebook? There are no weekends where an ultra event isn’t taking place. Whether it’s an official event or a private run there are many opportunities to compete all year round. For many, marathons are already a rewarding and worthwhile goal, but if you get a small taste of Ultra then you will want to get a lot more out of it. There are practically zero upper limits.  

No route is too long, no mountain too high that it cannot be climbed!

One example is the "Goldsteig Ultra-Race". On a stretch of 66km and about 19,000 vertical metres heroes and heroines are born and many dreams are dashed. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Ultra Running for me means more time to relax and to think and philosophise about life in general! I personally enjoy the solitude, the peace and nature. For this I don’t need official events. The many kilometres required in training at a slow tempo are the basis of ultra running, no matter where and how you are performing them. I even know many ultra runners who don’t train, but instead take part in a different ultra running event every weekend. Everyone has their own preferences. Equipment is an important tool during ultra runs. In addition to appropriate running shoes, a running backpack is definitely essential for long runs. Suitable food, money, a change of clothes if the distance or weather requires it, a mobile phone for emergencies and a small first-aid kit should always be included in the rucksack - especially if you are running on unfamiliar and difficult terrain. I personally always like to take a camera with me, you never know if you will come across something that you would like to look at again in the future. If you are running on terrain over long distances then having the right shoe profile is very useful. You should try them all out to see which one is best for you. For a competition or private run in the woods I would also recommend taking a navigation aid with you. You may prefer a traditional map, my preference is definitely for the modern GPS devices. With these I plan my runs in advance on my home computer, put it on my GPS device and then use it to guide me on my run. You won’t get lost. These are always suitable for our local forests, especially if you’re in them for hours or even days on end. You should always be concerned that you have sufficient recovery time. Experienced ultra runners know their body. Identify the signals and observe them. Ultra is not a moderate stretch but instead a long run. The body also needs time to adjust to the corresponding stress. Some people may need longer and others may have the “Ur-gene” of our ancestors flowing through their veins. The most important thing is not to fear the route. Respect it, yes, but don’t be scared. Every route earned its respect. No matter how long or how demanding, every runner has achieved their personal sporting goal and has the right to be proud.