For this tennis season, our partner HEAD has launched a whole new racket series. The HEAD MXG racket series has combined magnesium and graphene, both precision injected to provide the perfect balance of power and control. The new technology and resulting new design uses the two materials to deliver optimal stability, despite the low weight. This makes the HEAD MXG series perfect for all players who want to take their game to the next level.

“We have carried out intensive research into tennis players and discovered that most of them look for a racket that combines power and control. Based on this knowledge, we have developed the MXG - a brand new technology that combines two materials to deliver the ultimate balance between power and control”, says Ottmar Barbian, EVP Racquet Sport.


The most innovative aspect of these rackets is the unique magnesium bridge. This gives the main strings more wiggle room and enables improved mobility. Apart from that, the construction of the frame is created using a completely new manufacturing process in order to enlarge the sweetspot and offer more power in every shot. At the same time, the specially shaped magnesium bridge at the top of the frame provides better stability, as the frame does not change its shape under pressure - so more power and more control as a result. We now have these rackets in our selection for you. Get yourself one of these amazing rackets and become the king/queen of the tennis court.