It’s still cold and often very wet outside but that’s no reason not to go out into nature and enjoy some great days out. Now that there’s snow everywhere, nature is more beautiful than ever - and she’s just waiting to be discovered. Our partner The North Face is working hard to make this possible for you by supporting you with the best technologies, no matter the weather. These technologies are incorporated into outstanding The North Face outdoor jackets, so there’s no excuse not to go out anymore. Today we’d like to introduce you to two of these technologies, which have been used to create the first waterproof softshell jacket with 4-way stretch, among others.


Ultra soft stretch-web One drawback that many outdoor jackets have is that they might protect you from the elements but they’re uncomfortable to wear. Our partner The North Face’s answer to this problem is called ultra soft stretch-web. It’s an extremely soft, stretchy fabric made of knitted material that not only keeps your body warm but also guarantees the utmost of comfort. The seamless construction prevents friction against the skin and results in the perfect inner layer for an outdoor jacket, such as The North Face Apex Flex GTX® 2.0.

Impossibly dry layer shell There is one job an outdoor jacket simply must do: it has to keep you dry. The North Face has worked in collaboration with the leading manufacturer of waterproof, breathable fabrics, GORE-TEX®, to create a material that provides maximum protection. This waterproof layer is kept together with taped seams, so, from now on, you can just ignore the wind, the rain and any bad weather in general. What makes Gore-Tex® 3L Shell special is that, apart from providing a durable barrier against the wind and the rain, it’s also extremely breathable. For you, this means that no water gets inside the jacket but your perspiration won’t be trapped within it either.

Walking through nature feeling warm and dry and not sparing a single thought for the weather… What else could you wish for? You can find these technologies in several of The North Face’s outdoor products, such as the first ever waterproof softshell jacket with 4-way stretch, the Apex Flex GTX® 2.0. We’ll soon tell you more about this premium outdoor jacket. Stay tuned.