The first Metcon training shoe was launched by our partner Nike three years ago. Today, this shoe range is having two new models added to it that continue to provide athletes with stability and the right amount of damping during workouts. The new models are called Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit and Nike Metcon 3. Both cater for varying needs but share some basic characteristics. Solid rubber and an external heel cap have both been used on the heel to guarantee increased stability. The forefoot area, however, has been made using softer rubber that delivers improved traction. The outsole is particularly hardwearing to protect the shoe against wear and tear. Flex grooves at the front mean that the shoes offer natural flexibility to go along smoothly with your movements. Nevertheless, both models still differ from one another in several ways:NTC_Week_logo_original

Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit

The newly developed shoe was developed especially for athletes who switch between weight-lifting exercises and cardio workouts. For cardio training, like running sessions, Nike has used highly resistant Flyknit material that makes the shoe lighter and more flexible. Apart from that, the sole offers good damping while you run, but also for quick power sessions. The Flywire technology integrated into the upper material ensure the shoe adjusts well to the foot and offers it support and stability while running, jumping, lifting or doing quick directional changes. So you can go that extra mile and recover better, Nike has once again updated the Dual Density outsole. This works together with the 6 mm offset to offer even better damping and comfort.Nike_Metcon_DSX_Flyknit_native_1600

Nike Metcon 3

If you’re doing challenging HIT exercises, choose the new Metcon 3. With its low offset of just 4 mm, the Metcon 3 offers a very flat surface to stand on. This is especially useful during squats, box jumps or explosive lifts. The Nike upper material is a combination of ballistic mesh and embroidered TPU. This all makes the shoe particularly lightweight, flexible and breathable. The construction is such that the heel is harder to offer more stability, while the forefoot is softer and more flexible.NIKE_Womens_Metcon_3_native_1600

What do you think of these new Nike training shoes?