What do you think are the main characteristics of the ideal material for outdoor gear? Robustness, breathability, fast-drying, wind- and waterproof protection? That’s exactly what you get with G-1000 material, developed by our partner Fjällräven. We’d now like to introduce you to Fjällräven’s super cool material:


G-1000 is made up of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is coated with a thin layer of Greenland wax. The wax makes the material more resistant to dirt, wind and water. If need be, it can easily be waxed thicker or washed out. Apart from protecting you from the wind and the rain, G-1000 also shields you from harmful rays of sunlight and insect bites. It’s therefore perfect for discovering beautiful natural landscapes without feeling restricted by the weather.

The light tent fabric was first used for clothing in 1966. It was included in a climbing jacket worn during a Swedish expedition to Greenland. Fjällräven founder Åke Nordin added the finishing touches to this material by waxing it. He did so because of memories of ski jumping in his hometown, Örnsköldsvik. Apart from waxing the skis so they’d glide better, Nordin and his friends used to also wax the bottom of their pants, so they’d stay dry. From then on, the material has been further developed to become what might be the best ever outdoor material for all kinds of adventures. The G in G-1000 still stands for Greenland. Click here to browse through premium clothes from Fjällräven.