Our Keller Sports Pro Raphael M’Barek has a few tips for training in the cold and describes how he goes about it himself. We will follow him as he trains for the Ironman, on 13th August 2017, and give you insights into his preparation, the competition and what happens next.


“The first big running events of the new year take place in spring. Those who have spent the winter months neglecting their training or have moved indoors to work out have missed out on valuable training sessions. Of course, sometimes I also look out of the window and shudder at the thought of going outside, but if you follow a few simple rules, it works! Before leaving the warm indoors, I always have a few sips of warm tea. It warms you up from the inside and hydrates you. When it comes to clothes, sometimes less is more. Instead of wrapping yourself up in several layers and restricting your freedom of movement, try out a thermal top, like those from X-Bionic. Add to that some long running leggings. That’s pretty much the base covered. Then you just need a long-sleeved running top and a vest, maybe from Gore (I highly recommend them). A beanie and gloves are essential, but that goes without saying. Instead of wearing a scarf, I wear a functional scarf-bandana around my neck and pull it up to my chin if I need to. Apart from that, I start off slow and take my time to warm up. As soon as I reach the right temperature I start up the “engine” and the challenge against the cold really begins. The moment I’m back indoors I take off my wet clothes and get into a warm shower - just like my mother always used to tell me to do. So, go on, get out there! Never forget: nothing can beat training outdoors and you should always remember to make it a fun experience!" Are you still looking for the right running clothes? Check out the Keller Sports online shop and click through our selection.