You can’t deny that Cristiano Ronaldo is currently one of the best footballers in the world. The Portuguese player hasn’t achieved this status by accident - he’s put a lot of hard work into his physique, attitude and game. Together with Nike, Ronaldo has created a series of workouts that are being shared with athletes via the Nike+ Training Club. With these exercises and tips, everyone can train like the four-time World Player. The training series in the app has five sections: workouts that can be done anywhere, simple nutrition and recovery tips for in-between training sessions, special workout challenges for you to independently take part in, a feed full of informative videos, articles and tips and, finally, outfit suggestions for different kinds of training. FA17_MT_CRONALDO_NTC_01_hd_1600 Some of the exercises have been designed by Ronaldo’s personal fitness trainer, Joaquin Sanda, and they focus on the abdomen, lower back and glutes. “The stronger the core, lower back and glutes, the better Cristiano will move, whether the demand be a short run, explosive drill or long endurance work”, says Sanda. Ronaldo himself tells us about his training routine: “My key is to be focused and to dedicate myself 100 percent of the time. Some days I don’t feel motivated, but I stop and I say, ‘I have to do it, because it’s going to give me good things in the future.’ This is my motivation.” Although it sounds a bit like Barney Stinson, i.e. "Everytime I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.", ;-) it’s still very impressive how engaged this footballer is in his training and how he gives every workout 100%.