This week we’ve hosted two special event days at our Keller Sports Store - the topics being trail running and ultra running.

The trail running event at Mt. Taubenstein on Wednesday was organised in collaboration with our partner La Sportiva. Participants not only had the chance to try out different La Sportiva shoes but were also kitted out with Petzl headlamps!


In a small but fun and motivated group, we began the event at 6 pm at the Mt. Taubenstein cable car parking. _B3B0487-Edit After a brief greeting, we were given our test shoes and began running the first kilometres up the mountain. Halfway up we already began using our Petzl headlamps, as the natural light was fading fast. The evening atmosphere was really cool and running in the dark added extra excitement to the event! As the weather was stable throughout, the run became a really cool experience for the whole group.


Having reached the Schönfeld cabin, we’d definitely earned a rest. We were treated very well there and they took great care of us! With the cosy atmosphere and the tasty food and drink, we enjoyed our break and mentalised ourselves for the way back, which would be in complete darkness.


We were back at the parking lot at 9.30 pm and the mood was overwhelmingly positive! Participants said that the La Sportiva shoes were ideal for that run, as they offered superb grip and stability and were comfortable to run in. However, we found the limit of the shoes’ grip when running over wet, smooth rocks in the forest.

The day before, we hosted a very exciting event that was the perfect prelude to the trail run. On Tuesday, we received a visit from Andrea Löw (Running Happy) at our store, who gave an inspiring presentation about this year’s 250 k desert crossing through the Namib. She explained different aspects of her adventure - from preparation and travel arrangements to the different phases, difficulties and friendships she found along the way.


At border control, she was particularly nervous as she wasn’t sure she’d be let into the country with piles of drink powder packed into bags. The listeners found it very interesting to hold and inspect the packed rucksack she wore for the race - they found that it was pretty heavy for a 250 k run!


By bringing several photos, Andrea gave us an insight into how beautiful and varied the desert landscape can be. Even though 40 k-long stages in the dark over monotone gravel can be a big mental challenge, these were followed by breathtaking views that were more than worth the effort. If you want to find out more about this adventure, read about it here.

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