With the latest member of the Feline range, the Dynafit Feline Vertical Pro, the brand introduces a shoe for mountain-running professionals and competing athletes. Here you can see the main characteristics of the shoe:

Dynafit_Sommer16_VerticalRunning_Shoe2 bearbeitet

Its low weight of just 250 grams makes the shoe ideal for short to medium-length competition distances and it stops you getting tired quickly while you run.

With its minimal offset of just 4mm, the Feline Vertical Pro provides optimal reactivity and sensitivity. Keller Sports Pro Thomas thinks that with this shoe “you can push the power in your legs to 110%”.

Another special trait of this shoe is the Vibram® Megagrip sole, which was especially developed for Dynafit. The distinctive studded sole provides maximal grip on rough, rocky, wet surfaces.


However, the first thing you notice about this shoe is its design. The right and left shoes have different colours – both lively and bright. The red shoe comes in magenta, while the left shoe is neon green. This makes the Dynafit shoe model a real eye-catcher.