Our fitness PRO Art is truly multitalented. Apart from having several Crossfit, fitness training and nutrition qualifications, he is also a BLACKROLL master trainer. With BLACKROLL, athletes can recover better after sports because self-massage relaxes the myofasciae (the body’s connective tissue). Massaging can also help prevent sore muscles.

The special thing about our BLACKROLL foam rollers is that they are harder than conventional ones, so their massage benefits are even greater. BLACKROLLs are manufactured in Germany and made using 100% recyclable materials.

A while ago, Art led a joint training with all the PROs and the Isar Run group. Some runners already knew about foam rollers and used them now and then. The workout included a short and snappy warm-up in which the BLACKROLL already came in handy. The whole group did press-ups and squats (among other exercises) using the BLACKROLL.

After the workout, they “rolled” arms, back and legs. Those who looked in pain soon felt the benefits of BLACKROLL training, which effectively dissolved their physical tension. Art showed the group some good roll techniques and pointed out that breathing correctly is an essential part of relaxing your muscles. When training with BLACKROLL, you should stay aware of your breathing. It is also important not to massage in a single place; legs, for example, should be “treated” in different areas. Start off massaging the back of the leg, move to the inner part and then to the outer part of the leg to relax different muscle groups. After the workout, Art did the “jump test” with the members of the group. They confirmed that straight after rolling one leg, this one felt much more relaxed than the other. During this training session, the athletes learnt that using BLACKROLL can be very effective against tense muscles and it should be incorporated into other kinds of sports, such as running.