It is well known that when you come back from a hike, your outdoor clothes will be dirty once again. Note these tips so that you can wash and still get the full function of the product.  Holmenkohl has developed care products that give longer lasting durability to the membranes and coatings of your products. Because good care of outdoor clothes not only looks better, but works better too!  

Textile Wash Care Detergent

For which type of clothes is the Textile Wash Care Detergents suitable?
  • Membrane textiles such as GORETEX®
  • Outdoor coats with synthetic  filling such as PrimaLoft, Thermolite , Thinsulate
  • Elastic fabrics such as Softshell or Fleece
  • Breathable sportswear
Wash Advantages:
  • Optimizes heat regulation with active-dry additive
  • Effectively reduces the buildup of unpleasant odors.

Natural Wash Care Detergent

For which type of clothes is the Natural Wash Care Detergent suitable?
  • Down clothes
  • Wool clothing and Merino clothing
Natural Wash Advantages:
  • Preservation of natural insulation and heat retention
  • Get the typical properties of natural products such as moisture transportation, insulation and odor control

Checklist for the Right Care

  • Note the instructions on the care label that is fixed on the clothes
  • Use the best specialized detergent, as every-day detergent is too aggressive. It is advisable to rinse the clothes under running water before putting in the washing machine.
  • Do up all the zips and Velcro fasteners before washing and pack hoods into collars.
  • Fill the washing machine with laundry only to a maximum of 2/3 full.
  • From time to time it is advisable to coat waterproof clothing again after washing.