What springs to mind when you hear the name Timberland? For us, it’s the image of light brown leather boots with dark edging. The Timberland autumn and winter shoes have been bringing mountain lifestyle into the city for years. Since we now have Timberland’s legendary boots and many more of the brand’s products in our selection, we’d like to introduce you to the company behind the shoes.


In 1952, Nathan Schwartz bought a large share of the Abington Shoe Company and bought off the other shareholders later on. This was the brand’s first step. Although it may feel like the shoes have been around forever, the brand Timberland only came into being in 1973, originating from the Abington Shoe Company. In 1969, the shoe company, the shoe company developed a technique to make its leather shoes waterproof, and therefore suited to cold temperatures. These waterproof leather shoes and the unique Timberland Yellow Boot™ both helped the young brand get off to a flying start - Timberland soon expanded within the US, pouring into Europe in the 80s. The timeless shoe design is the same today as it was back then, yet the product range has grown to include mountain lifestyle clothes and equipment too.


Grab a pair of stylish Timberland boots now and bring mountain lifestyle into your city. Here you can find our Timberland collection.


Pictures:  Facebook/TimberlandEU