According to Nike, there are two essential pieces of equipment you need for tennis - the most important one is obvious: a racket. The other is shoes. Winning 19 Grand Slam titles surely makes Roger Federer the best player of all times, but even he says that "changing shoes is always challenging. You have to feel confident in your shoe, and you have to want to change and evolve". Federer’s continuous feedback is what has allowed our partner Nike to develop the Vapor shoe line into the great range it is today. It was the Swiss player’s idea to combine the best of a running shoe with the best of a tennis shoe in order to create footwear that’s more flexible and comfortable than previous models.


Just before the start of the Grand Slam in Melbourne, Nike launched the latest shoe in the range: the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X. Roger Federer said that “the Vapor 9 was a great shoe from the beginning. Tinker Hatfield did a great job of understanding exactly what I was looking for: a combination of a tennis shoe and a jogging shoe”. He adds that “the Vapor X is lighter than the 9 and 9.5. It is an evolution, the next generation”. A new, light, comfortable tennis shoe that’s also extremely robust - it’ll change your game for the better.


In honour of the Grand Slam Down Under, Nike has chosen a colour combination that stands out against the characteristic Melbourne blue. The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X RF and the clothing range come in pink and black - very bold but also very chic. We now have the tennis shoe in different colour combinations on offer in our shop. Check out the different designs and pick your favourite!