As we are offering increasing numbers of Nike Flyknit shoes in our shop, we thought we should tell you about Flyknit technology. As is the general rule with Nike technologies, the brand has developed Flyknit based on feedback from athletes. The aim was to create a very lightweight upper material with a sock-like fit.Nike_Flyknit_Lunar_1plus_BrandImage_Small_16669

For the past four years, Nike has worked with programmers, engineers and designers to improve the statistical properties of the material, such as durability and structural rigidity. Support, flexibility and breathability should also be present traits.

This research has resulted in an extremely lightweight and near-seamless upper material. With the help of technology, the upper material of the shoe can now be made from a single piece of fabric – this reduces the number of seams and makes the production process more efficient because there is barely any waste.

There are many models of shoes that already offer Flyknit technology, like the Nike Free. At Keller Sports we have more and more shoes in stock all the time, why not check them out?Nike_Free_Flyknit_Mens_1_original