In 2013, our partner The North Face joined up with American brand PrimaLoft®, a specialist in the production of synthetic microfiber temperature insulation, to develop a new alternative to down. So-called Thermoball™ technology is made up of small, round PrimaLoft® synthetic fibre balls that imitate genuine down and provide the same heat output. This is achieved by storing heat in tiny pockets of air. However, The North Face’s Thermoball™ technology not only produces the same heat insulation as down, but also the same low weight, bulky volume and compressibility; all of which has been tried and tested in several independent institutions.000_LO_2016B_208-0

The benefits of the ThermoBall™ collection are very clear, though the ones to highlight are the low weight and high heat output provided. These benefits can still be enjoyed when the fabric is wet, which is thanks to the fact that, unlike other products, this synthetic insulation is not made up of continuous fibres, but rather a structure and shape similar to that of real down. Check out the new Thermoball™ products! On cold days, you will find nothing better for sporty activities like hiking of skiing. The quilted jackets are warm and light, easy to store and quick to dry.